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Digitization creates a more complex and competitive environment for publishers of tour, travel and sports publications. The digital usage behavior of the consumers further requires new types of offers. Only those who know how to digitize content, how to design it interactively and upgrade it by additional information or else put it in the relevant context are able to provide the users with genuine additional value, for which they are willing to pay.

The Task

For Bergverlag Rother as a company of long-standing tradition, Outdooractive realized a pilot project. A new sales channel combining the analog and digital offer was opened up. An innovative solution which can also be used by other outdoor publishers in order to draw closer to their target group and to expand their reach.

Our solution

The Outdooractive platform gathers content from various sources. Besides carefully researched tours from the Community, recommendations directly from the regions or from the Outdooractive Editorial Division, individual tours or entire books can be obtained via the platform. Thus, the user is able to choose from the whole range of sources to prepare a tour or journey. Once the users paid a user fee, their content is released for permanent digital usage.

“For our publishing company, the collaboration with Outdooractive opens up the possibility to try new sales models and to offer our digital hiking guides to the broadest possible target group.”

Klaus Wolfsperger, Publishing Director Bergverlag Rother

By integrating their publications into Europe’s largest outdoor platform the publishers maximize their reach within an outdoor-enthusiastic target group. Moreover, they benefit from the high-quality shop infrastructure provided by Outdooractive. Users who are interested in the printed product are directly fowarded to the website of the publishing company.

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