Digital Content Production

Creation and optimization for improved digital content

The challenge in outdoor tourism is to digitize the diversity of good content the right way. On the one hand, it is important to edit the content for it to be relevant for the target audience offering an added value. On the other hand, international data standards have to be met and a rights management has to be established to spread the content throughout the Outdooractive Network and also to use global search engines and platforms as multipliers.

Outdooractive is the professional partner for the production of every kind of digital content, specialized in outdoor tourism. The emphasis is put on the detailed creation of tours and POIs including photo material and videos.

On request the data acquisition can be done on-site and subsequently put into the Business. This is how high-quality content is created which can be maintained and displayed on the far-reaching network. For the international distribution translations into English, French, Spanish and Italian are additionally available. Every service is bookable individually or as a full-service package.

Your Advantages

Emotional, Interactive and Search-Engine Optimized

Content created by Outdooractive inspires and is shared by the Community. Simultaneously, with the right keywords for the respective topic and target audience, it gains relevance and visibility.

Placement with Sustainable Impact

Each created content is integrated permanently into the Outdooractive Platform within a relevant context. Optionally, different campaigns are bookable to increase the reach.

Attractive Synergy Effects

All contents are maintained in the Outdooractive Business which enables the easy and central data update as well as the efficient production of further media for the online and offline communication.

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