Outdooractive Facility

The software for digital route network

Outdooractive Facility is the easiest solution to digitize the management of tourist infrastructure in order to work more efficiently. Based on the Outdooractive Cartography the whole route network, including all sites that are important for the maintenance, is recorded and maintained in the Outdooractive Business. The data collection can be performed by smartphone directly on-site with the Outdooractive Business App. Afterwards the routes’ and signposts’ state can be documented very thoroughly during the inspection.


All tasks are coordinated centrally, assigned to the respective people responsible and status changes are automatically visible for everyone, e.g. when the task is performed. With different user groups, hierarchies and a detailed rights management it is possible that each interest group involved in the route management uses the same system. Apart from the desktop solution there is also an iOS app for the mobile maintenance including offline storage for maps and contents. The Android app will be available in 2018.

Your Advantages

Quality Management

Assurance and improvement of the offer quality with the help of efficient database tools

Guest Feedback Integration

The guests’ feedback and defect reports are visible within the same system the route managers work with.

Improved Information Flow

Relevant information such as road closures and safety notes reach the guest directly via the communication channels and applications of the Outdooractive Platform.

Transparent Documentation

Legal and end-to-end documentation of traffic and road safety, maintenance and the progress of new projects

Collaboration of all Stakeholders

Efficient cooperation of all participants based on the one-time collection and central management of every content in the Outdooractive Business.

Better Content Quality

Improvement of the quality of tourist POIs due to the on-site data collection by the route managers


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