On-Site Media Production

The comprehensive travel reportage with sustainable content creation and social-media reach

Each destination has numerous topics. For the purpose of editing this abundance of content, we came up with the Outdooractive On-site Media Production. This results in content formats which inspire and charge a brand with adventures. Tailor-made for every communication channel and for every touch point of the customer journey, the user receives emotional and informative insights into the destination.

On-Site Media Production is the most comprehensive form of storytelling on Outdooractive. Editors with the necessary topic know-how do research on-site and edit the tours and topics in detail. They will share their adventure via a blog on the respective landing pages and via social media. Already existing content, such as POIs, is optimized and new content for the different categories (like the travel guide) is created. Apart from the creation of high-quality images, videos of tours or POIs etc. can also be integrated into the full-service package.

Your Advantages

Emotional, interactive and search-engine optimized

Content created by Outdooractive inspires and is shared by the Community. Simultaneously, with the right keywords for the respective topic and target audience, it gains relevance and visibility.

Placement with Sustainable Impact

Each content created in the course of the On-site Media Production is integrated permanently into the Outdooractive Platform within a relevant context. Optionally, different campaigns are bookable to increase the reach.

Attractive Synergy Effects

All contents are maintained in the Outdooractive Business which enables the easy and central data update as well as the efficient production of further media for the online and offline communication.


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