Outdooractive DMS

The Destination Management System for the outdoor tourism

The Outdooractive DMS is the key for future-oriented data management. It is able to display all contents that are relevant for the Outdoor tourism ranging from tours and route networks for different activities, bike parks and ski resorts and bookable offers to up-to-date information and events. The contents, tagged with a georeference as well as editorial texts, images and videos, are displayed via the content-marketing system of the Outdooractive platform. Moreover, the DMS is the prerequisite for displaying the contents with different front-end web solutions for a specific target group.

The DMS is based on a central content data base ensuring that each data can be created and maintained reliably and in one place. Dynamic interfaces take on the synchronization for all output channels. Apart from the web-based desktop solution there is also a app for the mobile data management.

Your Advantages

Strategic content distribution

Maximum reach and visibility by spreading the contents across the whole content-marketing network of the Outdooractive platform.

Attractive synergetic effects

Outdooractive creates, based on the contents created in the DMS, diverse media easily and efficiently for the online and offline communication.

Sustainable data quality

Contents entered in the DMS automatically comply with international data standards

Open data compatibility

Standardized interfaces enable the distribution of content on all channels and the open exchange as Open Data.


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