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Premium Content

A digital marketplace for tours, books and maps

The Outdooractive Platform provides outdoor enthusiasts with a place where all necessary information is gathered to plan their next adventure. There is also space for publications of publishing houses and authors which are relevant for the tour and travel preparation. Several possibilities result from that to geographically and contextually display individual tours, whole books, maps and travel guides on the Outdooractive Platform. Moreover, you can link more interactive contents.

The publications by renowned authors and publishing houses which are commercially available and fee-based are marked with a premium label. A preview is displayed and after the usage fee has been payed they are unlocked permanently. For the purchase of the print product the user is directly forwarded to the publisher’s website.

Your Advantages

Generation of Sales and Leads

Outdooractive provides publishing houses and authors with a new sales model which brings the content directly to the target audience. It combines classic printed products and innovative digital formats.

Increase of the Brand Awareness

The authors and publishers are placed prominently as the source. The content network of the Outdooractive Platform and its channels offers multiple touch points with the target audience.

Maximum Visibility

Tours which are contained in printed books gain maximum visibility if the book is deposited in the category “Books & Maps”. Then the book is recommended along with each tour in the region.


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