Print Content Production

Professional print products tailor-made for the great outdoors

Successful content marketing is based on an integrated communication throughout all channels. With a central content data base and a Business which is easy to use, Outdooractive ensures the quality and up-to-dateness of the content. Moreover, with little effort, the Business enables to create printed products for a consistent online and offline communication.

In close cooperation with the creative division the editorial contents is transformed into high-quality tour books and informative TOP tour flyers. Each tour receives a detailed description. Complemented by the respective topographically exact map section including elevation profile, Outdooractive print products are both source of information and popular keep-sake.

Optionally, the editorial edition undertakes the content creation on-site including images, videos and the data acquisition of tours and POIs.

Outdooractive Top Tour Flyer

The Top Tour Flyer is perfectly suited for presenting a special highlight tour including a map and detailed description. The QR code creates the seamless connection to your online presence and to the respective app.

Outdooractive Top 10 Pocket Guide

The Tour Book – professionally edited in detail – serves as inspiration and as a reliable guidebook for the next tour. The sophisticated processing makes it a popular collector’s item.

Outdooractive Tour Book

Due to its compactness the Pocket Guide is the perfect companion for discovering a destination. The selected activity (e.g. biking, hiking, winter hiking) or certain topics it bundles the best tour tips that a region has to offer. The Top-10 format creates an unambiguous reference to the topic page in the travel guide. The Top 10 Guide in combination with an activity map form the perfect combination.


Your Advantages

Sophisticated Outdoor Cartography

All Outdooractive printed products come with topographically exact map specifically designed for the outdoor use on the basis of official data. All products are based on the same map for an optimal orientation for the guests.

Appealing price-performance ratio

The data export from the Business facilitates the production of high-quality printed products at a good price.

All from one single source

Outdooractive realizes the whole project from the data processing to the delivery to the customer. Moreover, the printed products can be perfectly combined with cartography, web or app products from Outdooractive.

Consistent brand image

The layout of printed products and the map style are adapted to the customer’s corporate design and ensure a consistent look in the online and offline communcation.

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