Promotion Kit

Benefit from our free Pro+ vouchers

As a destination, hotel or outdoor event organizer, take advantage of our free service and give your guests and participants access to all Outdooractive functions. Digital guest profiles will be generated, which will help you to manage visitors even more effectively and enable you to contact your guests in a targeted manner.



The Outdooractive subscription model

The benefits of Outdooractive can be enjoyed with either a Pro or Pro+ subscription.

With the respective membership, users have access to a selection or the complete range of functions and offers of the app and web version.



The gift – More than just a voucher

Your guests and participants can use Pro+ for 4 weeks free of charge (worth €9.99 each) and thus benefit from the full range of Outdooractive features. These include:

  • Access to detailed maps, trail networks and aerial photos (e.g. from ADFC and Kompass)
  • Offline storage of maps and tour details
  • No ads in web and app
  • Create and share 3D videos of your routes



The free communication material

With our free flyers and/or roll-ups, you can inform interested parties directly on site about the advantages of the Pro+ account. Destinations which have a website from Outdooractive can also brand the communication material individually with their brand and forward them to a branded landing page to redeem the vouchers. 



When the vouchers are redeemed, the benefits follow:

Guests scan the QR code, register or log in to their existing account and can use the benefits directly.
You as a destination, hotel or event organizer then have access to this data and can create digital profiles of your guests/participants. These profiles enable better and more targeted support, the creation of individual offers and ultimately effective visitor guidance.