Prominent presence in the outdoor community

A sweepstake offers way more than just an appealing placement within a relevant context on outdooractive.com. The customer provides a high-quality price and in turn receives targeted communication across all channels. This is how great reach and increased brand awareness is achieved within an athletic target group during a certain period of time.

The sweepstake is directly placed on the homepage of outdooractive.com as well as advertised on the content pages with attractive special advertising formats such as banners, in the Outdooractive Newsletter and on social-media channels.

Your Advantages

Multi-Channel Campaign

The sweepstake is advertised on outdooractive.com as well as in the Outdooractive Newsletter and on social-media channels.

Increased Attention

Exclusive presence and targeted address of the Outdooractive user without scatter loss.

Lead Generation

By leading the user within the Branded Community the sweepstake generates qualified leads.


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