Theme Special

The campaign for a topic-oriented positioning of a destination

Topics and activities determine the destination’s level of attractiveness to a guest. The Theme Special is the ideal campaign when you want to present a destination within an activity or topic-oriented context. Each page profoundly applies to an activity or a topic such as hiking, skiing or special places to visit (e.g. castles). The Theme Special ensures a great reach and numerous contact points with the target audience via the distribution channels of the Outdooractive Platform.


The thematic focus and the campaign’s duration is defined by the customer. From there we will handle the rest. Within the defined period we guarantee the agreed number of page impressions depending on the scope of the service package. In order to attain the campaign’s objective our online-marketing experts select the perfect measures (Social Media, Newsletter, Banner, SEO, etc.). The Outdooractive Editorial Division takes on the optimization or the creation of your content, optionally directly on-site, for your content to become more sustainable and not only to gain reach.

Your Advantages

Sustainable Impact

Positive impact on reach and visibility of the destination within and beyond the campaign's duration. The contents remain part of the Outdooractive Platform. They can be updated at any given time and used for additional campaigns.

Targeted Address

As Europe’s largest outdoor platform Outdooractive minimizes scattering loss and guarantees maximum reach among an outdoor enthusiastic and affluent community.

Emotional and Search-Engine Optimized

Content created by Outdooractive inspires and is shared by the Community. Simultaneously, with the right keywords for the respective topic and target audience, it gains relevance and visibility.

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