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Bundled competencies and resources in outdoor tourism – the Pro Alliance

Outdooractive and its corporate partners represent the world’s single largest alliance of marketing professionals in the tourism sector. More and more publishers, trade associations and sports equipment manufacturers are using the Outdooractive Platform as a focal point for their corporate content and in doing so these contributors are gaining access to high-end customers who are seeking out quality services and products.

These combine with compelling offers available to paying Pro members of the largest outdoor community to generate substantial benefits and opportunities:


Exclusive Content

The content available to the members of the Pro Alliance is intentionally exclusive and is not available on other outdoor platforms.


A new business model

By utilizing the Platform, partners who have their own brand and products gain access to an entirely new business model and, for the cost of using Outdooractive’s technology, it is possible for them to double their revenue.



Members of the Pro Alliance gain access to a source of revenue that would otherwise not be in reach. By selling products through the Alliance they are obtaining a share in it.


Benefits for your members

Pro Alliance members have the opportunity to offer their own customers discounts on Pro subscriptions.


Premium Content

Publishers and map producers are able to sell their premium products directly to their target group via multiple channels.


Flat-rate map printing

Members have exclusive access to the online Outdooractive Printmap service and can download route plans for use in books and magazines.


Do you want to enjoy the benefits of the Pro Alliance’s partnership with publishers, trade associations and sports equipment manufacturers? Contact us at: