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Remote Working Whilst Bikepacking Across Europe – How One Finnish Company Got On Their Bike To Reach The Outdooractive Summer Conference in Germany

Pirjo Räsänen, Outdooractive reseller for the Finnish market, commutes 2100 kilometers by bike from Lithuania to Immenstadt in Germany for Outdooractive Summer Conference

Attending international conferences and events may be common enough, but for the Finland reseller for Outdooractive’s digital tourism platform, the usual transport options did not appeal.  Instead, they chose to bikepack their way to the event in southern Bavaria, Germany – working as they traveled.

On May 7, Pirjo Rasonen, the CEO of Ellare Oy, Outdooractive’s sales partner for the Finnish market, set off by bike to arrive in Immenstadt by June 29 for the annual Outdooractive Summer Conference. In numbers the bike trip involved 5 countries, 35 days, 2100 kilometers, 3500 meters of altitude and 15 working days “on the road”.

Pirjo and Ellare Oy has helped Finnish destinations develop nature and activity tourism for over 20 years, and has particular expertise in developing bicycling tourism.  The experienced bike packer took the summer conference as an opportunity to combine her passion for biking and exploring Europe, her role as Outdooractive representative in Finland, and her role as a champion of bicycling tourism and took her laptop with her in her bike bags to work from the road.

“The hardest part was finding good Internet on the road. I wrote contracts on the road but also led webinars. You do need a fast and stable Internet for that.”

True to the motto “Eat your own dogfood,” Pirjo planned the entire trip with Outdooractive. Outdooractive is Europe’s largest outdoor activity and tourism digital platform, used by millions of consumers to find their perfect adventure and trusted by thousands of tourism destinations to help them guide their guests and manage their destinations.

When planning the route for her epic trip, Pirjo primarily used premium content from destination and other ‘official’ partners that is available in the Outdooractive platform. “This way, I could always be sure that the trails were good to ride. What the community sees as a ‘good’ cycling route is sometimes also good but already very subjective. As Outdooractive is used by so many destinations, then I was able to trust completely in their ‘official’ content”.

For Pirjo, this cycling trip was a way to relax from her everyday work, to use the app she works for on a daily basis and to draw a conclusion: “The navigation function in the Outdooractive app is really the best thing when you cycle through the most diverse countries in the world. Both in the countryside and in the city.”

Alongside the stunning scenery – “I stayed in what must be the most beautiful campsite along the Danube” – what really stood out for Pirjo during her trip was the kindness and hospitality she received from the locals along her route. “The most difficult part of the trip, I think, was in Poland.  There was a section of the route that was affected by recent flooding and had turned into a “mutavelli” (Finnish for mud-pit).  It was difficult to cycle, I was falling down, and both my bike and I were completely mired in mud.  I managed to get to a backyard and asked the residents for water.  Despite the language barrier, they could see what I needed.  The resident handed me their garden hose and I was able to clean myself and the bike down in their garden!”

Pirjo added, “Meeting and interacting with local people and other bike travelers was a highlight of the trip.”There is hardly a more sustainable way of traveling than by bike. Values for which Outdooractive stands and which Pirjo represents absolutely through her 35 – day bicycle journey from own muscle power.

Moreover, – since she has not yet had enough – she has just added a few more weeks and right now is cycling back home to Finland. But this return trip is a pure “recreational vacation”- the laptop remains closed.

A map of Pirjo’s epic trip can be viewed online at

World Mountain and Trail Running Championships – Outdooractive as Map Partner

Outdooractive to be the official map partner of the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships, and the Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival.

This exciting partnership will facilitate 3D visualization and route overviews on the event’s websites, while also offering fans the chance to get involved in event-specific Challenges.

Visually representing 3D route visualization during the live TV broadcast will be provided alongside the offer of Destination Pro+ accounts and the integration of a ‘FlexView’ that allows content from the Outdooractive platform to be displayed on the event websites in an-easy-to use map format. Last but not least, Outdooractive will  be rounding off its services to these world-class championships by offering visitors the chance to participate in ‘Challenges’ created specifically for the events.

A 40-second 3D bird’s eye view of the course that the participating athletes will have to tackle will be available to viewers in realtime on their devices during the live broadcast. This visualization will also provide a taste of the Challenges that have been put together. The FlexView display will also provide all the key information surrounding the different routes showcased in the events in terms of their distances, elevation profiles and the terrain they cover.

In the course of the World Championships and also the Alpine Trailrun Festival, there are various routes that differ in terrain, length and altitude meters. Outdooractive visualizes these routes in advance on the corresponding websites and thus provides an exact insight into the route parameters. The cooperation also includes a Destination Pro + account, Challenges to be mastered during the event, and a FlexView integration that allows Outdooractive content to be displayed on the company’s own website. This partnership is made for successful outdoor sports events and offers both spectators and athletes a successful overall package.

The event organized by Alpine Trailrun Festival GmbH, will take place between June 6th  and 11th  in front of a local and international audience.

The preceding festival, organized by the agency Laufwerkstatt, will take place between June 1st and 3rd, and draws on its long tradition and huge popularity.

Event organizer, Alexander Pittl, who has been tasked with organizing both events said: “We are very pleased that we can rely on the expertise and know-how of a company as experienced as Outdooractive. We are united in wanting to achieve high goals – which is easier to do together!”

Outdooractive is delighted to share the news of these partnerships. The company’s expertise in routing, route planning and visualization benefits and complements any sporting event that offers and wishes to expand its global reach. An Outdooractive team will also be present at the Innsbruck event area during the events and is looking forward to exchange with both trailrunners and visitors.

Connecting accounts with partner apps provides destinations with even more data than before

By connecting with Garmin, Suunto, and our other partner apps Outdooractive users are now able to transfer their plans and routes to wearables and devices. These account connections also offer the possibility to transfer tracks recorded on a wearable to the user’s Outdooractive profile, which they can then edit and share with the community.

What does this mean for our destination customers?

Your guests can use the navigation function of their wearables to explore destinations in a dynamic yet simple way. At the same time, a new incentive has been created to publicly share experiences of a region. As a result of these account connections, we saw over 150,000 additional tracks uploaded in February alone. This automatically translates to greater data accrual within a destination and, as a result, our customers gaining more information and insights about their guests – a major benefit in terms of visitor management. Not only this, but an increase in content on the platform centered on a destination increases its exposure and, in turn, global visibility.

We have also seen a further 22,000 routes from the Outdooractive database being uploaded to Garmin and Suunto devices, which also benefits destinations in the distribution of their routes and content.

This development marks just the beginning and we aim to considerably expand account connections as a benefit to our customers on both sides of our business.  

Guiding hikers and protecting grazing livestock with Outdooractive

During hikes in the Alpine region, incidents with mother cows and guard dogs occur more and more often. The animals are exposed to enormous stress in the process and the confrontations may lead to accidents. In order to counteract this problem, Graubünden, in cooperation with Outdooractive, has initiated an innovative pilot project. 

One animal per herd have been equipped with a transmitter that transmits the animal’s location to a server every 30 minutes. This information is transferred to the Outdooractive platform within 24 hours. Afterwards, the pastures used are shown to visitors and the owners of the animals on the map. 

This enables Graubünden to inform outdoor sports enthusiasts before they start their route and to guide them specifically to safe areas where no grazing animals will be disturbed. A QR code attached to fences on site, serve those who decide on a spontaneous trip to share the data and find information quickly. In the future some grazing animals will also be equipped with transmitters on around 8.000 alpine pastures in Austria. The transmitted information will be visible in the online hiking maps of the Alpine Club and will be transferred to all Outdooractive maps. 

In the long term, conflicts between agriculture and tourism can be minimized and mutual understanding expanded. 


Management of Premium-Routes

Trail Management in My Business

Bad Peterstal-Griesbach has established itself as a premium hiking destination and set the focus on the quality of the hiking experience. With 4 certified premium trails and a well-maintained network of hiking trails, the small municipality in the National Park region is making a name for itself as a destination for quality-conscious hiking holidaymakers. To achieve this level of high quality, the municipality has digitalized its trail management on the basis of Outdooractive Trail Management.

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A hiking destination as a pioneer of digital visitor management

Bad Peterstal-Griesbach is a pioneer in the introduction of digital visitor guidance in a hiking destination. Several parking lots for hikers are already being digitally tracked to determine how many cars are parked there. Nine WiFi trackers are currently being installed in the tourist information office, at the swimming pool, and at other important guest contact points. This data is transferred centrally to Destination Insights on Outdooractive.

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