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Get to know your guests digitally provide them with guidance

Digital identities enable personalized marketing, reduce administrative processes and are forgery-proof. The best-known current example of a digitalized identity is the digital vaccination certificate.

If we draw a comparison with the tourism industry, it is still in its infancy. This is mainly due to authorities and a lack of interfaces, as Dirk Rogel, a specialist for digitalization trends in the tourism industry, explains in the article “How digital identities replace tickets and tour guides“.

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Managing illegal trails and routes

Many destinations suffer from the consequences of mountain bikers traveling on unauthorized trails and hiking trails. It is important to understand the conflicts that can arise and distinguish between illegal trails (i.e. trails that are built or used illegally, and trails that are allowed to be used by law) and multi-use trails for mountain bikers and hikers as well as horseback riders on trails, ski tourers on ski trails, or pedestrians on cross-country ski trails.

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World premiere: Live heatmap with parking space occupancy

One of the biggest levers in digital visitor management is the issue of parking spaces. Especially on days with “overtourism”, the hunt is on for the last free parking spaces. When the parking lots are full, there is either unnecessary parking lot search traffic with clogged streets, or cars are parked somewhere without regard for local property owners.

Now there is a way for guests to find out online and live where there is still available parking. We’ve developed a live heatmap that uses a traffic light system to show parking lot capacity at that moment. The data comes directly from digital payment systems for parking spaces. We cooperate with the largest digital systems for parking services Easypark and ParkNow for this.

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Turning the tourist world upside down with the Outdooractive Travel Guide

It is no longer news that destination websites are playing less and less of a role and that industry platforms are taking over the servicing of guests, as is already common practice with package tours, accommodation, flights, table reservations, and rental cars. Right now, tour portals and portals for experiences are on the rise.

Exactly the same thing is happening with the rest of the trip planning information such as inspiration, information, current conditions, and navigation. Travel guides are being created on all the major platforms, and even Google is no longer sending users to destination websites once all the content has been picked up and integrated into the Google Knowledge Graph. Even open data, state databases, and federal knowledge graphs can’t do anything about that.

We at Outdooractive have found our own answer to this: We build a worldwide travel guide ourselves together with our destinations and all service providers. Outdooractive’s special positioning between a community platform and a B2B SaaS provider makes something unique possible: DMOs can build a powerful DMO platform together with us. We provide the technology and the DMOs fill it with content. We provide the reach and the DMOs take care of the guests. How does that sound?

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