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Digitize the Planet e. V.

“Establishing the Digitize the Planet association makes us all very proud. Something is being done instead of just talking about what is needed and what is missing. It is a demanding task and there is a lot of work ahead of us, but I’m really looking forward to it. “

This was the remark of Mathias Behrens-Egge (of BTE Tourismus- und Regionalberatung), one of the founding members of the non-profit association, which launched on Thursday, March 5, 2020 in Berlin.

The core aim of the association is to promote conservation through the digitization of all information, legislation, local regulations and safety guidelines that have been created in respect of the use of nature. The data will be freely accessible as open data and will be disseminated- particularly on outdoor platforms- with the intention of making information on conservation accessible to all users.

Hartmut Wimmer, CEO of Outdooractive and a cofounder and board member of the new association said:

“Managing visitors effectively is only possible on a digital basis, because once they are there it is then too late. Through digital means, a guest is able to find out which areas are freely accessible and which are closed. He can get an idea of ​​local regulations, laws and what things are prohibited. “

“Digitize the Planet” supports digital visitor guidance in tourist destinations and protected areas by integrating all legal (e.g. entry bans, path restrictions, temporary closures, etc.) and local regulations in websites, apps, navigation systems and digital assistants.

Dr. Alexander Schuler (of BTE Tourismus- und Regionalberatung), also a founding member of the association and co-initiator of the round table, “Visitor Guidance for Destinations – Analogue and Digital”, expressed his excitement about the new initiative:

 “Congratulations – we should all pat ourselves on the back because it is a good result after four round tables over the past two years. We are now finally filling a vacuum between, for example, the platforms on one side and the protected areas and destinations on the other, which will receive qualitative data for the digitization of nature conservation information. “

The four members of the board of “Digitize the planet” are responsible for different areas of the association (from left):

Hartmut Wimmer, Outdooractive – Online platform

Mathias Behrens-Egge, BTE – Tourism and regional planning

Dr. Neele Larondelle, Nationale Naturlandschaften e. V – Protected areas

Tilman Sobek, Mountainbike Tourismusforum Deutschland – Representing the interests of nature users

“The topic has been on the agenda for years and it is now time for us to carry it out. We finally need visitor guidance that is up-to-date,”

emphasized Tilman Sobek (of Mountainbike Tourismusforum Deutschland).

“But this can only work if we have digitized all regulations, all legal requirements and that is exactly what the association does,” he continued.

Dr. Neele Larondelle (of Nationale Naturlandschaften e.V.) commented:

“We are taking part in the initiative because we believe it is absolutely necessary that local legal provisions can also be found in digital format.”

The association’s next aim is to add to its member so that the topic comes into focus even more. In the near future, the first employee will be hired, financed by membership fees and the “1% for the Planet” contribution from Outdooractive.

The round table “Visitor guidance for Destinations – Analogue and Digital” will continue to take place regularly and non-members can also take part. The plan is to hold the round table at various trade fairs that are scheduled throughout the year.

All those interested please contact:

Hartmut Wimmer
Dr. Alexander Schuler
Mathias Behrens-Egge
Tilman Sobek