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Effective advertising using the Travel Guide’s combi- and activity pages to generate traffic

The combi pages of the Outdooractive Travel Guide are the biggest driver of traffic to the platform and therefore of critical importance to our customers. Outdooractive’s top priority is to expand this traffic, which is why we continuously work on ways to improve these pages.

The newest layout places greater emphasis on the user experience meaning that not only are users able to navigate more efficiently, but also Google algorithms can generate content that is more relevant to potential visitors.

Content modules, conversions, and filtering options have been added, giving users easier access to the platform and better ways to customize their searches. New placements for classified POIs have been added, bringing greater visibility to the content and highlights of our destination clients.

You can sieze this potential by launching a marketing campaign for your content. Using teasers on the platform’s homepage, the Travel Guide’s landing page and on route detail pages, users will be linked to updated combi pages as well as your campaign (e.g. These placements drive a significant number of clicks (CPC) for the campaign’s content. 

Targeted advertising opportunities using activity pages

The activity pages (e.g. are used to reach new users and visitors.

These pages enable far-reaching and targeted marketing campaigns specific to different activities. They are also a great place for our customers to integrate placements and when combined with additional marketing activities from us, these pages can considerably increase the reach of your marketing campaign.