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Explore the images around the world – New image layer on the map

80% of all information is perceived through the eyes. Images play a very special role here. They arouse emotions and desires, can fascinate, inspire and impress. Our newly integrated image layer in the map layer is intended to focus more on the significance of images for our users.

The image layer does not show all photos on our platform. It is limited to geo-referenced images and displays them on the map. Our algorithm is programmed to display landscape images first and to make sure that the images are arranged equally everywhere on the map. This means that only selected images of a place or sight are displayed. Users can now look at a specific region or place via the image layer. This already gives them an impression of what to expect there and serves as inspiration for tour and travel planning. To make this selection, the algorithm searches for specific keywords in the description of the images.

Currently, the image is not linked to the content to which it was uploaded. When you see a image on the map that you like, you naturally want to know which tour or POI it belongs to. We are working hard on this function and will make it available with the image layer in the near future.