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More time for your guests: The SaaS principle at Outdooractive

Outdooractive offers the digital all-round-carefree package for destinations. Our products have long been based on the SaaS model, which is why we are now officially renaming them: the “license” becomes the “Software-as-a-Service-Fee”. In this article you can find what this term exactly means and how it affects you.

What is Software as a Service?

SaaS is already practiced in many areas. Internet providers for example, follow this principle. Each customer pays a monthly fee for the purchase of Internet, but at the same time finances the installation and maintenance of the distribution boxes, the router and the laid copper cables.

If one imagines this example as a licensing model, everyone would have to lay and maintain their own cable, organize their own distribution boxes, select the router and so on. The customer purchases the individual components and thus receives the license and the right to use them.


Transferred to technology and software this means:

With classic software license products, each partner operates its own IT infrastructure. Individual adaptations, system maintenance (e.g. installing updates, maintenance) must be paid additionally. In addition, customers often run the risk of linking several systems, i.e. building interfaces. Find out here why interfaces are not a long-term solution. Unexpected costs often result in enormous investments in licensed products, which require long-term maintenance and involve a certain risk.

Software-as-a-Service products, on the other hand, are based on the principle that in addition to the software, the IT infrastructure (via cloud computing), services such as maintenance, changes in data protection (e.g. EU-GDPR) and the further development of the technology are also made available. It does not matter with which fronted the software is used. Ideally, it is available on desktop computers as well as on mobile applications or on mobile websites. The customer, therefore, does not need more than an internet connection and a browser. The service recipient only pays a monthly fee for use and operation. Further costs for acquisition and operation are saved, because the service provider takes over the complete IT administration and all other services.


SaaS at Outdooractive

For us at Outdooractive, it is important to always keep our technology at the highest quality standard, to further develop and optimize it. We want our customers to benefit from this: With our all-round carefree package, the SaaS fee, we take care of “everything digital” so that our partners have time for their real task: the guests on site. For our partners, however, this also means transparent, predictable costs and absolutely legally compliant technology.

From November, the renaming will also be visible on our invoices. Do you have any questions? Please contact us at any time: