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***Outdoor-Act-Give – win €1,000 for a charity of your choice***

Update: Extension of the game duration until 19th of December. 

Have you ever wanted to brighten up someone’s Christmas? And wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit of fun whilst doing so?

As a way to thank you for your support, Outdooractive is ditching the greeting card this year and giving you the opportunity to show your commitment to not just promoting your destination, but also to helping a cause that is close to your hearts.

The Outdoor-Act-Give challenge gives you the chance to compete against your industry peers in a fun, friendly and festive competition that will test the limits of your creativity.

The game will take place between 4th and 13th December, you will have to create a team in your office (max 5 people) and go through 6 challenges that will allow you to earn points. The winning team will be announced on our corporate blog on the 17th December and a prize of €1,000 will be awarded for you to then donate to a charity of your choice.

So, let’s take you through the six festive challenges that make up the Outdoor-Act-Give challenge.

  1. Take a cheesy team photo.
    We love to put faces to a name, but the tackier side of Christmas tends to make group pictures much more fun.
  2. Create a new route.
    The days might be short and sweet at this time of year, but they often provide unique and special outdoor experiences. Let’s see how your destination expresses Christmas and the season with a detailed, festive route that your guests will remember and our Content Team will love. No snow? No problem. The original story of Christmas took place in a desert!
  3. Track down Santa.
    He’s coming to town, but where is he now? We will give you three clues and you have to find the big guy on the Outdooractive map as a POI.  He’s out there… checking his list.
  4. Take an awesome photo.
    Make us drop our jaws and want to book a ticket to visit you by capturing the most stunning image of your destination’s defining landmark.
  5. Share your feedback.
    Who’s been naughty and nice? Guest feedback comes in many forms, but sometimes it can enter the realms of the ridiculous, hilarious or bizarre. Anonymously share the single best feedback you have ever received from one of your guests.
  6. Test your knowledge of us.
    We love talking about ourselves, but have you been listening? Let’s find out!

Show you care this Christmas and take part in your chance to win €1,000 for the charity of your choice.

  • Download the GooseChase iOS or Android app
    (Initial instructions in English the game itself has translation in German, Italian and French)
  • Join as a guest
  • Enter the game code: 3KZG1K
  • Create or join your team

Good luck to everyone and have fun!

Your Outdooractive Team