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Outdooractive among the 7 best for digital maps and apps for hiking

“The Great Outdoors”, a prominant hiking magazine from the UK, has featured Outdooractive among its selection of the top 7 platforms for digital maps and hiking apps. The magazine is known for its rigorous testing and reliable gear reviews as well as great content and imagery. Their groups of testers is made up of renowned outdoor experts including Alex Robbie, an editor focusing on a variety of topics relating to the wilderness, adventure and the environment, and an outdoor photographer. When trialing Outdooractive’s features he made a comparison with those that had previously been offered by ViewRanger, which would go on to be acquired by Outdooractive.

Points were scored for our comprehensive international map material and the Outdooractive map layer, which displays the contour lines, trails and topographic features of every country. Offline storage was also highlighted as a helpful feature. Trip planning is excellent thanks to a reliable snap-to-path mode that works worldwide,” writes Alex Robbie, referring to the fact that the route’s distance, estimated duration, and total ascent/descent are all visible when planning. The large database of community content and the ability to publish your own routes were also among the highlighted advantages, alongside other features.

Robbie concluded by stating that Outdooractive is “an all-inclusive platform, stable enough and sufficient for most users. The price is also reasonable.”

We consider this to be confirmation that we are on the right track with our focus on innovativion.