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Outdooractive Business improving on the Outdooractive DMS

A competitive and evolving outdoor tourism industry and business environment demands the right tools to help keep you and your guests on track, which is why Outdooractive has introduced Outdooractive Business.

Outdooractive Business is replacing the DMS as our primary data management system and brings with it a raft of new and hugely beneficial features to give you increased insight, ease and control over both their content and community.

The initial set of functions (with many more planned) offers you greater usability and simpler navigation and is also available for mobile devices to allow flexibility when you are on the move. As part of your Software-as-a-Service license, this improvement is made available to you at no additional cost.


In addition to the functions of the original DMS, we have introduced dashboards to provide you with an overview of your content’s performance, including the number of overall page views you have received, your top routes and the amount of published and unpublished content you have created.



Your community ratings are also displayed alongside recent activities and updates. You have the opportunity as well to view and respond immediately and directly to messages and questions coming in from the community.

You are able to access a display of further key statistics and view your active projects dashboard from the main page. These will help you stay on top of your workflows and action pending items to ensure that your content is current, relevant and reaching your target groups.

The following information icon on each section of the dashboards links to our Knowledge Pages giving you further details on these particular features.

Watch the video highlighting the features of Outdooractive Business.