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The Outdooractive Roundtable Open Data is the kickoff of the Tourism Camp

In 2018 tourism has to face great challenges. New technologies require comprehensive rethinking when it comes to digitization. The topic of Open Data has become the focal point of the development of new and digital data management. Against this background Outdooractive has been organizing a roundtable concerning this topic on January 26, 2018. As part of the Tourism Camp, an initiative of the digital consulting company „Tourismuszukunft“, a joint discussion about future development forms the focus of the roundtable.

For the 11th consecutive time different parties of the tourism sector meet to discuss the future of tourism. This year’s venue is Berchtesgaden in the south of Germany. Outdooractive’s roundtable is the kickoff of this event. The issue of Open Data is considered to be essential for the future in the tourism sector, however, the development is still in its infancy. The objective of the roundtable is on the one hand to create transparency about already existing projects and on the other hand to emphasize the meaning of integrative “coexistence”. All those are invited who are interested in the topic of Open Data wanting to share their expertise within an open environment to discuss the challenges in the future. During the subsequent days of the Tourism Camp the subject of data is deepened in various sessions.

The topic of Open Data also plays an important role at the Outdooractive Conference from September 18, 2018 to September 20, 2018. Outdooractive is looking forward to be welcoming Florian Bauhuber (host of the roundtable at the Tourism Camp) as a speaker for this year’s event. The CEO “Tourismuszukunft” is known for his innovative projects in the field of digitization, content and Open Data.