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Recent acquisitions creating more opportunities for you as an Outdooractive customer

As you are aware, Outdooractive recently completed its acquisition of ViewRanger, the UK’s market leader for outdoor tourism and MountNpass, France’s digital guide for cycling tourism.
This pooling of technical expertise, human capital and industry knowledge, as well as our burgeoning community of users and business partners have already brought considerable changes and enhancements to the Outdooractive platform, opening up exciting and timely new opportunities for you as our client. You can benefit more than ever from an elevated brand exposure brought by wider reach and new and improved features that have already helped grow user engagement.   

Community growth = giving you enhanced reach and better ROI 

Building on what was already Outdooractive’s leading position in the DACH region, our community today has swelled and diversified to over 8.3 million global users. With a more robust presence in the UK, France, Italy and the US, as well as ever more languages being made available on our platform, we are positioned to deliver you…. 

  • more effective international and local marketing campaign opportunities through our restructured email and social media channels- and in a wider variety of languages. 
  • better geo-targeting of the countries and markets that matter to you
  • ever increasing traffic to the Outdooractive platform and app so that your content is viewed by more users. For perspective, since announcing the acquisition, we have already seen: 
    • web traffic increased by 32% from the same time last year
    • user engagement in the app increased by 24% 

These factors promise you a genuine and more tangible return on your investment, as the options available to spread awareness of your brand within certain markets are better targeted and can be carried out in the languages you require to ensure your campaign’s success. 

Partner network growth = adding more content and more traffic to the platform

By welcoming the strategic partnerships fostered by ViewRanger and MountNpass, which includes a host of publishers, tourist boards and over 500 search & rescue teams,  Outdooractive has been able to boost its online content to encompass over 560,000 routes– a number that continues to grow by the day and helps to drive organic traffic and user engagement even further. 

The creation of dedicated offices in the UK, France and US, continues to support our international B2B growth, strengthening and adding to our partner network in those countries and helping to build communities of local users, who are waiting to learn about your destination. 

More in-house expertise = bringing you better tech and more features

The development and delivery of such leading-edge tech requires the right talent. The addition of ViewRanger and MountNpass’ expertise has helped Outdooractive create a team that meets every requirement for building robust and reliable mobile apps specialized in mapping, navigation and outdoor exploration. 

ViewRanger are recognized leaders in augmented reality, community engagement, navigation and wearables– exciting opportunities we are already harnessing the potential of and bringing to the Outdooractive platform. With this in mind, here are just some of the features that are in development:

  • Skyline 

Already available in your apps, is a great feature for you to promote your destination and increase usage on your app. Using their device’s camera, this augmented reality feature allows users to identify peaks, places and other features up to 20 miles away. Working independently of  mobile and data signals, Skyline is able to identify points on 80% of Earth’s landmass, which covers most countries in the world. 

Read more about Skyline here


This is a feature that promotes an active lifestyle and makes the platform more engaging, paving the way for you to sponsor a challenge that helps highlight your destination whilst also promoting a positive message. Challenges encourage users to indulge their competitive spirit  with other community members by taking part in competitions to reach specific targets- the results of which they can then share with their friends and family. 

  • Buddy Beacon 

Available soon in your white label apps, this feature will help you increase safety and security in your destination giving peace of mind to your users. Currently used by over 500 Search & Rescue groups around the world, this feature allows a user to be tracked and found when in danger. This great feature can also be applied to events for examples, allowing users to follow athletes and participants from afar.

  • Wearable implementation 

Provide your guests with expanded navigation options to help them better orientate themselves and enhance their experience. ViewRanger has been providing Apple Watch wearers with offline maps, whilst their partnership with Casio delivers detailed route guides and live trip stats directly to the user’s wrist using GPS. We are currently working on developing similar features to support your guests experience. 

To take advantage of all these new features, extended brand exposure and user engagement, make sure you get in touch with our team:

We look forward to having you alongside us in this exciting new journey!