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The world’s digital travel guide

Every destination only exists once in the world. Therefore, why should the digital images exist umpteen times? Why should the various travel guides of the big internet platforms show different information if they inform about the very same destination? And why does Google know destinations better today than the destinations’ own websites and apps?

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Why touristic websites based on TYPO3 have no prospects

TYPO3 – next to Drupal, Joomla and WordPress – is one of the most popular open source content management systems in the German-speaking area. Roughly 500,000 websites worldwide are based on its technologies including many DMO websites. Numerous web agencies have specialized in programming tourism websites on the basis of TYPO3 or other web content management systems. But the time has come to rethink this strategy! The individual website of a tourism destination, that was once considered to be the central and vital medium, is losing its relevance. For many years the destination website was regarded as THE fundamental place for activities in tourism marketing. Many jobs in tourism destinations serve the purpose of filling a website with content, improve relevance by search engine optimization, create marketing campaigns to increase website relevance, buy range for a website, relaunch every three years and watch over KPIs.

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