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The new winter sports trail network on Outdooractive

Winter is almost upon us and many winter sports fans are looking forward to the cold season. We are also finding it hard to wait for it to finally start again!Which is why we have done a timely overhaul of our winter sports trail network to show all your relevant winter activities on the map- broken down into cross-country tracks, ski lifts / ski runs / touring ski routes, sledging runs and winter hiking trails

Outdoor sports networks

Digital networks provide a virtual picture of all the tracks, paths and trails to be found in the outdoors. They not only show their exact course, but also help you calculate the optimal route, making them a valuable tool for your route planning.

For our Pro and Pro+ members there is already the option to display individual networks for different activities as an additional map layer. You can choose from the following: hiking, cycling, mountain biking, horse riding and winter activities.

New: Individual winter sports activities broken down

Let’s assume you don’t want to view the trails for winter sports all at once and that you’re interested only in a specific activity, such as, for example, cross-country skiing. If you want a more detailed display of trail networks available for a specific sport, there is now an additional filter that allows you to choose from 5 different winter layers:

  • Winter sports (all types of winter sport, including ski- and snowshoe touring)
  • Cross-country ski trails
  • Ski lifts / ski runs / backcountry skiing routes
  • Sledging runs
  • Winter hiking

The networks are displayed on the map as follows:

  • Ski run (thick blue, red and black lines for slopes of varying difficulty)
  • Backcountry skiing routes (long dashed orange lines)
  • Ski touring (long dashed light blue lines)
  • Snowshoe hiking (short dashed light blue lines with a snowshoe symbol)
  • Winter hiking (Solid purple lines with a winter hiking symbol)
  • sledging (solid dark blue lines with sledge symbol)
  • Cross -country skiing (double blue, red and black lines for trails of varying difficulty)