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Outdooractive sets new standards in nature conservation by natively integrating data from Digitize the Planet into the platform

Outdooractive has been at the forefront of digital outdoor tourism for almost 30 years. As the first platform to natively integrate the rules of all Digitize the Planet protected areas into its technology, Outdooractive brings together all industry stakeholders to offer people safe and reliable outdoor experiences in harmony with nature.

The non-profit association Digitize the Planet (DtP) pursues the goal of digitizing all relevant regulations for nature reserves, national parks and more and aims to make this information available as open data, i.e. freely accessible to everybody. After a lengthy period of preparation, a joint integration project has now been rolled out: The high-quality information and data that’s submitted to DtP and maintained by the nature reserves themselves will be seamlessly integrated into the Outdooractive platform. In future, the new data model will replace all existing rules and ensure exclusively official content from the protected areas, thereby offering greater relevance and more accurate and up-to-date information.

“Both our users and partners benefit from the integration of this data in the Outdooractive platform. The comprehensive rules, notices, information and current closures are displayed on the region page of a protected area. In addition, the rules relevant to a route are highlighted on the respective detail page on Outdooractive and the partner web and app applications. Thanks to the newly gained depth of information, our community members will have more security when searching for and planning routes and can adapt their behavior to the respective rules,” says Pirmin Mösle, CTO of Outdooractive AG. Sebastian Sarx, NGO Manger who has been with Digitize the Planet since the very beginning, adds: “With the integration, we can show that our technology and the associated database are a functional standard that offers real added value to nature users and — as a result — to nature.”

For a better display of all notices and closures, a revised map layer presents the daily updated information of the protected areas and differentiates between activity-specific and general access bans. As soon as a route leads through a protected area with an access ban, it is either permanently or temporarily closed, depending on the ban. The route creators are then automatically informed by e-mail if a closure becomes active on their route.

About Outdooractive:
‌30 years in the making, Outdooractive’s comprehensive feature set helps everyone from hikers to skiers, mountain bikers to horseback riders improve their outdoor experiences; intuitively, safely and sustainably. We work closely with almost 5,000 local businesses, guides and industry-professionals to deliver reliable route suggestions and publish content that’s officially approved. As we believe that when it comes to safely exploring the great outdoors, you need to be able to rely on the information and tools at your disposal. For DMOs and other players in tourism, Outdooractive offers a globally unique full-service SaaS-solution for effective digital destination marketing and provides an easy-to-use interface to connect with all players in the tourism indusry, all the way up to the individual guest.

About Digitize the Planet:
Digitize the Planet (DtP) was founded in 2020 with the mission of creating a responsible relationship with nature together with stakeholders from nature conservation, tourism and outdoor sports through open, standardized and international, digitized rules. The association now has 54 members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with further expressions of interest from other European countries.

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