Privacy Policy at Outdooractive


Information on the utilizations of the contract

Outdooractive provides this pre-formulated contract text for the contract data processing according to the German Data Protection Act.


Who is so use this contract?

As far as you have already been using Outdooractive and assume that the German Data Protection Act is applicable to your utilization of Outdooractive, you should use this contract. 


How is this contract to be used?

The German Data Protection Act stipulates the written form for some parts of this contract. In order for the signature process to run as smoothly and fast as possible, please proceed as follows:

  1. Fill in the missing information on the attachment „Your information“, on attachment 2 and on attachment 6.
  2. Sign the confirmation on the attachment „Your information“
  3. Sign one copy of the contract-data processing contract on page 9
  4. Send all of it (your information, contract-data processing contract, attachment 1 to 6) in duplicate to


Outdooractive GmbH
Missener Str. 18
87509 Immenstadt

or via mail to:
Subject: „Data Protection“

After our countersignature we will send you one copy. 

Thank you for your support!

Your Outdooractive Team


Data protection officer


Gero Wilke

datalegis GmbH

Bismarckallee 10
79100 Freiburg

Phone: 0761 45892723