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Over hill and dale! Outdooractive is there for gravel bikers

In response to its growing popularity among enthusiasts and tourism professionals, Outdooractive has extended what was already its wide range of available outdoor activities to now include ‘Gravel Bike’ as a cycling category. This new filter not only provides options for those looking for inspiration and ideas in the platform’s Route Finder, but it has also been added to the routing engine to support anyone wishing to plan their own gravel biking trips using Outdooractive.

Gravel biking has become a firmly established part of the cycling world. This discipline combines the speed and lightness of a road bike with the robustness of a mountain bike and in doing so, it opens new opportunities for fun across a wider variety of terrain that might include forest trails and asphalt.

With this flexibility in mind, it is hardly a surprise that Outdooractive was excited to take on the challenge of integrating the activity onto the platform and tasking its Development team with the difficult job of adapting the existing routing engine to include the needs of gravel bikers. The results are impressive and many tourism associations such as Garmischpatenkirchen, Thüringer Wald, and Schaffhauserland Tourismus are already publishing content for their regions that is specifically targeted to gravel biker.

As they are such a great way of bringing everyone together, Outdooractive has also already started forming its first partnerships with official gravel biking events, such as the “into the wold” event in the Bregenz Forest.

Gravel biking is also a feature of Garmin devices, which enables users to easily record gravel bike routes and then import them into their Outdooractive accounts.

With over 600 gravel bike routes from the Community as well as both its team of editors and partners already on the Outdooractive platform by the time the new activity was rolled out, there is a strong baseline of content on which to continue building.

High-quality routes that are provided by destinations and supplemented by the editorial team and active users of the platform ensure that Outdooractive offers the best ‘locally sourced’ content to create a win-win situation for everyone.

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