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“Together, we’re unbeatable” –, the official online portal of the German, Austrian and South Tyrolean Alpine Clubs, has been the platform for reliable Alpine expertise for 10 years

For the last 10 years, the German, Austrian and South Tyrolean Alpine Clubs have worked together with Outdooractive to deliver Together, they consolidate their expertise on the Alps into an unrivalled partnership. is a clear success story, one that’s been written over the last 10 years by the German, Austrian and South Tyrolean Alpine Clubs, together with Outdooractive. Launched in 2013, the app and online platform combines the expertise of all regional sub-branches of the various alpine clubs to deliver a reliable all-in-one planning and navigation solution to mountain enthusiasts. Born in Bavaria’s mountainous Allgäu region, the mountains have long been a part of Outdooractive’s DNA. It was only natural, then, that the German, Austrian and South Tyrolean Alpine Clubs would turn to the platform to host mountain-specific maps and to manage their communities. Leveraging Outdooractive’s market-leading cartography and technology, content for tourists, information about protected areas and all public transport details are also hosted on In this way, the platform distributes true expertise in the Alpine region, and is the best-in-class tool for Alpine activities worldwide. This makes a benchmark of the effectiveness of partnering with Outdooractive, with the resulting product supporting both visitors and regions in all aspects of sustainability, security and visitor management, as well as helping to solve the challenge of digitalization in a sustainable manner.
Georg Rothwangl from the Austrian Alpine Club, who’s also one of the team leaders over at, noted why a digital platform is important for the alpine clubs:
“Mountains in general, and especially the Alps, are the some of the most important leisure destinations worldwide. They play a huge role when it comes to recreational activities. At the same time, however, it is important to ensure that the routes, rules and dangers that apply in Alpine regions are presented transparently to everyone, for the good of tourists, the local population and nature.”

Thanks to its unique platform architecture, Alpenvereinaktiv, built off the partnership between the alpine clubs and Outdooractive, ensures that the information stored by each branch of the various alpine clubs is immediately visible on end-users’ mobile devices through the app and online through the website. This also ensures that routes that are blocked, for example, are immediately recognizable. According to Peter Sedlmair, Project Coordinator on behalf of the German Alpine Club, “it is essential to reach and guide users digitally because trail wardens quickly reach the limits of their possibilities”.

The alpine clubs are convinced that through their own digital solution driven by in-house experts and official partners (such as nature reserves or tourism associations), they can give their members the most useful service offering, as well as supporting in the complicated tasks of visitor management, sustainability and environmental protection. For Markus Knitel, Head of Digital Services at the ÖAV, it is particularly important that the alpine clubs also work with a large degree of social responsiblity, especially in this new digital space: “It is perfectly clear that the digital transformation is in full swing and that we as alpine clubs must not be left behind. Organisationally, we are a part of the alpine clubs and through our long-standing partnership with Outdooractive, we are perfectly positioned to digitize any mountain experience and make it accessible for the common good.”

Hartmut Wimmer, founder and CEO of Outdooractive, sees the alpine clubs as key players in the space, especially in regards to building a cooperation of all official stakeholders in tourism: “The alpine clubs, together with professionals from tourism organizations, protected areas, mountain rescue services, trail managers and the outdoor industry, form the “Alliance of Officials”, which bundles all outdoor expertise and resources together, before sharing them with the outdoor community via a common platform. Together we are unbeatable.”

About Outdooractive
With almost one million route suggestions in more than 180 countries, precise worldwide vector maps, a comprehensive global travel guide and unique routing technology that takes into account current conditions weather, route warnings and closures, Outdooractive is Europe’s most reliable platform for outdoor inspiration and navigation. The platforms supports outdoorspeople from all walks of life, from those who just bought their first hiking boots right the way through to professional high-Alpine mountain guides, and helps people connect to an inspiring community driven by a common love for the outdoors. For DMOs and other players in tourism, Outdooractive offers a globally unique full-service SaaS-solution for effective digital destination marketing and provides an easy-to-use interface to connect with all players in the tourism indusry, all the way up to the individual guest.

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