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Tour operators as well as mountaineering schools and other outdoor activity providers need intelligent solutions improving the efficiency and the success of their marketing. In view of the enormous number of possibilities provided by digital marketing today, Outdooractive supports in the development and implementation of a targeted strategy. Customized to the company, its size, target markets and target groups, each measure is aimed at maximizing reach, acquiring leads and increasing bookings.

The Task

Macs Adventure, based in Glasgow, is an international tour operator, specialized in self-guided walking and cycling trips. People can go on discovery tours all over the world individually and flexibly without having to dispense with the service of a professional provider.

Macs Adventure was looking for a solution completing several tasks in the course of the customer journey. A solution which enables it to gain new customers as well as to prepare existing customers for their tour and to accompany them on their journey in the best possible way.

Our solution

All Outdooractive products are based on a common database. The great advantage: Regardless of whether they answer the purpose of information and booking or the purpose of experience and safety during the journey – all contents have to be maintained only once. Adapted to the purpose and channel of communication, they are presented accordingly.

For Macs Adventure, a central portal for itineraries and sights was set up: an Outdooractive Regio. This is the place where all one-day and/or multi-day tours including the individual stages, turn-by-turn directions, elevation profile and map, information about accommodations, sights, interesting facts about the region and tips on the right equipment are gathered. This way, it is possible to display everything that Macs Adventure’s customers need for their individual tours in digital form and in one single place. Each customer in turn can be provided individually with tailored information in order to make the vacation an authentic and also comfortable experience.

“We would like to provide our customers with authentic and fulfilling experiences without them having to sacrifice comfort and safety of an organized tour. Outdooractive is the perfect partner for us to meet these requirements.”

Macs Adventure

Of course, the tour descriptions and maps are also available for mobile use via the Macs Adventure App. It is the perfect digital travelling companion and a personal tour guide. No matter where Macs Adventure’s customers are travelling, they always have offline access to maps and descriptions so that they are able to navigate safely to the next stage along their journey.

Due to the fact that the offers and contents of Macs Adventure part of the Outdooractive platform as well, they will reach the whole Outdooractive Community and thus an extended, interested target group. The platform becomes a multiplier which enables Macs Adventure to benefit from additional reach and increased visibility.

Applied products

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