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Currently, there are no other vacancies available for English native speakers. All further job openings can be found on the German Outdooractive Career page here!
I like being a part of the process, starting by receiving the data, to the preparation, and the final styling. This is a very broad range of tasks which does not make it any easier but succeeds – due to the great team.
Silvan Kaspar
I like working here because every morning you are welcomed with a smile, are surrounded by a great team that is motivated and works together to constantly improve Outdooractive. Also, I like the Allgaeu, the mountains, and the many, diverse leisure opportunities.
Patrick Schmidt
SEO and Quality Management
I feel comfortable when there is a lot going on at reception, because we have our colleagues‘ back. That way, they have the time to move the platform forward! The many different characters and the team spirit make our work so interesting.
Angela Mayr
The easygoing and cheerful team welcomes every colleague with open arms. Everybody pulls together and questions will always be answered with great patience. Last but not least the flexible working hours make it possible to enjoy the Allgaeu to the full.
Thomas Bullmann
What can be better than this? A playground year-round on the doorstep, a boss who values when you use the playground, and products that support the people in this area and don’t harm anything in the world.
Tobias Trachte
Online Marketing
My job is all about the technology and communication – and that’s exactly what I like about it. Also, the atmosphere in the team is just amazing. Everybody works together, not only for themselves.
Stephanie Zobel
Project Management

Room to unfold yourself.

A great view over the mountains, several places to retreat and discuss, bright offices, many plants, a shower, and a fully equipped kitchen. You spend so much time in the office – so we think that our employees should feel at home.



Work. Life!

Your contact:

Patrick Sill HR Manager
Tel: +49 8323 8006 131 Apply to: bewerbung@outdooractive.com
Outdooractive GmbH & Co. KG, Missener Straße 18,
87509 Immenstadt, GERMANY

Job opportunities – divided into departments

Platform André Horn, Director Platform
In this team, „the big picture“ – the Outdooractive platform – is planned. We design the concepts for further developments, optimize the platform for high search engine rankings, coordinate the content, online marketing and the entire communication flows. For my team, I am looking for dedicated people with fresh ideas and a lot of motivation who transform Outdooractive into the world’s largest outdoor platformy team.
App Kilian Müller, Teamleader R&D
We develop several different apps here in our office – both the Outdooractive Apps and various others for our clients for iOS and Android. By now, we are proud of a great variety, amongst others for the ADAC publisher, Alpine clubs, Ortovox, and different destinations. For the vacant position in my team, I am looking for an employee who has a strong passion for the outdoors as well as technology. In return, we offer a great team that is very easy to work with.
Research & Development Martin Soutschek, Director R&D
Here in our department on the top floor, developers from different countries and various backgrounds sit right next to each other. Nevertheless, the team work is fantastic. I am proud of what we achieve every day. For my team, I am looking for motivated people that not only have the knowledge in technology and programming, but above all just fit right in.
Editors Stefan Urlaub, Editorial Director
Content is King! At the center of our platform is our outdoor content which we create and fulfils us – at work and at home. We describe fun tours and tell outdoor stories – our days are exciting and different and lead us to the most interesting outdoor spots! We are the editors of 2017 – online based, strong in SEO and with a precise focus: We tell enthralling stories which make our platform even more successful. We always look for creative minds that can be part of our team!
Web René Dreuse, Director Project Management 
It’s all about web products here on our team. We run the project management – starting from the communication with clients, the set-up of products and data interfaces, and the performance of training courses where we provide our clients with a closer insight into our Outdooractive world. The team will be a perfect fit when you don’t only have a high affinity towards geographical data and technology, but also a good sense of humor.
Cartography Silvan Kaspar, Director Cartography 
In cartography, more precisely, in our team geographical data / web cartography, we process offical geographical data for the Outdooractive platform, for instance for the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG), or Swisstopo. We create various activity networks and complement still missing paths. We are responsible for making sure our geographical data is „correct“ and „complete“ and can be found in different places in our platform. For my team, I am looking for motivated people that want to be a part of the process, starting from the input of the data, to the preparation, and finally a complete styling.
Sales Albert Rinn, Sales Director
The Sales department is the first contact for all interested parties. Together with our clients we develop proposals to apply our marketing services and products to be profitable for them. As a Sales Manager you should be able to achieve the ideal realization of the services of Outdooractive. Self-responsibilty and enthusiasm are the basis of being a part of the Outdooractive Sales team.
Administration Annette Wimmer, Director Finance 
As a versatile team, the administration is the backbone of the company. All the processes of Outdooractive concerning planning, management, administration, documentation, and cost accounting all run together here. The department of  secretariat, controlling, HR, and IT administration form the team administration and are the internal service providers with a high demand. We are the contact, consultant, support, and information platform alike. For my team, I am looking for motivated and dedicated people who want to approach challenges, who want and are able to work independently and who’s glass is always half full. To sum it up, who enjoy life and want to be a part of an expanding company like Outdooractive.
Graphics Filip Brocke, Creative Director
The graphics department actually carries the wrong title – not only do we develop the graphics and layout for many printed products, but also the concept and design for our digital channels – starting from the Outdooractive platform to the clients‘ app. For our team, I am looking for experienced designers with a vision and passion for web as well as printed products. If you are familiar with terms like conception, responsive & adaptive, x3PDF, and cartography, then nothing would get in the way of your application.
Marketing Eliana Gramer, Marketing Manager
At Outdooractive we are really a top team. We all have in common the passion for the outdoors as well as the feeling to contribute to a visionary high class product. To further successfully position Outdooractive with the correct strategy on the market, we create comprehensive and sustainable communication concepts in our marketing team. For this, I am looking for employees who find the right words to wittily combine the issues technology, nature, and recreation.

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