Founder & CEO

Hartmut Wimmer •
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The founder of Outdooractive can look back on two decades of business success. A lover of mountain sports and keen mountain biker, for him Outdooractive represents the fulfillment of a long-held dream to create an interactive, powerful platform for outdoor enthusiasts. He has personally contributed hundreds of routes and trails to, making him one of the most active members of our growing community.

CEO Austria

Stefan Gruber •
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Stefan Gruber is managing the Outdooractive branch in Salzburg/Austria. As digital expert, he enriches the Austrian team with his profound work experience in the field of strategic development and consultancy of destinations as well as touristic businesses.

CEO Switzerland

Wolfgang Gleirscher •
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Wolfgang Gleirscher is managing the Outdooractive branch in Switzerland. As digital expert, he enriches the Switzerland team with his profound work experience in the field of strategic development and consultancy of destinations as well as touristic businesses.

CEO Italy

Norbert Kofler •
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Norbert is an experienced sales manager and head of the Outdooractive office in Bolzano, Italy. His team is responsible for coordinating client acquisition, client services and the project management of sales and marketing in Italy.

Sales Director

Albert Rinn •
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Albert Rinn and his team are responsible for looking after our clients. Our sales team would be delighted to help you to forge new plans for the future. As the main link between our clients around the world and our in-house creative team, they are your first point of contact when seeking fresh ideas for your business.

R&D Director

Martin Soutschek
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Working with an ever-growing international team, Martin Soutschek and Pirmin Mösle develop exciting new solutions for georeferenced content using SCRUM. Whether they are creating new portals, maintaining our complex database or developing new features, the team working on the top floor of our building keeps on raising the bar.

Head of Mobile

Kilian Müller
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Together with his dynamic team, Kilian Müller is responsible for developing all the apps that we create. This includes the Outdooractive apps and also apps for clients such as ADAC Verlag, the Alpine Associations, Ortovox and numerous tourist destinations.

Platform Director

André Horn
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A seasoned media expert, André Horn is always looking to opimise content and providing the best experience for our users. His team is responsible for web analytics, search engine optimisation, planning and testing of new features as well as monitoring the online advertisement on our websites and in our apps. Since our users are always our first priority, we make sure to engange with the community on all relevant channels, be it our own portal, e-mail or social media.

Director Professional Services

René Dreuse •
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René Dreuse are responsible for the coordination of all the projects relating to our web-based product lines. They maintain close contact with our clients, run training seminars and work on the optimization of these particular products.

Editorial Director

Stefan Urlaub •
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The written word at Outdooractive is the responsibility of our Chief Editor Stefan Urlaub. His team is responsible for producing guide books and booklets, from initial data collection through to printing, as well as all the digital content on and the various social media channels.

Cartography Director

Silvan Kaspar
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Silvan Kaspar is your first point of contact for all matters relating to analogue map solutions. His team of cartographers and geographers process and prepare official geodata, create route and trail networks for different activities and make them available in both digital and analogue formats. They are also responsible for providing signage planning services for different regions.

Creative Director

Filip Brocke
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When it comes to creating layouts for new guide books or organizing the content on our websites, Filip Brocke’s team are the experts in both analogue and digital solutions and are always full of bright ideas.


Annette Wimmer •
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Annette Wimmer and her team are the ones who keep the business running. Their responsibilities include financial control, HR, accounting, system administration, administrative support to the management team and all the various front office activities.

 Team Switzerland

 Team Italy