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News from the world of Outdooractive maps

The map is a central element of the Outdooractive Platform and its continuous expansion and development are therefore essential. This blog post will be looking at what changes we can look forward to in its latest update. 


Your destination’s routes better displayed

The update will display the map’s content more clearly. Among other things, some of the following improvements will be included:


Display of track surfaces in the MTB overlay

When zooming to a level of 15 / a 100m overview, the track surfaces in the mountain bike overlay will be displayed in the same colors as those in the Tour Planner’s interactive altitude profile. This is particularly useful during the planning stage of mountain bike routes when it is important to establish what kind of track you want to ride. Now there’s nothing stopping you planning the best route.

MTB Overlay: before – after


Integration of painted trail markers in Switzerland for PRO+ users

Painted trail markers in Switzerland will now be integrated into the Outdooractive map, which alongside highly accurate terrain data throughout the country, will enable even more detailed trip planning.

Painted trail markers in Switzerland: before – after


AV maps with greater usability

The update will also see Open Street Maps (identical to topo maps) being displayed in areas outside where the Alpine Club’s maps end, which will give users a complete overview to prevent them losing their orientation.

AV map: before – after


Detailed cartography is of enormous importance in order to provide the best possible representation of the tourism infrastructure and detailed information from a variety sources is what makes it possible to produce maps that are up-to-date. The range of maps available on the Outdooractive Platform gives the user their preferred option to use.