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3D Flight Video 2.0 – Let your guests widen your reach

With Outdooractive’s new 3D Flight Videos, Pro+ users can now create high-quality videos of a route they have recorded in a single click. Furthermore, they now have the ability to share these experiences on social media. By letting visitors act as influencers you have a whole new way to market your destination.

Greater reach through new users

Guests at your destination must first create an account to use this feature. Registration can be done via the destination’s White-label website and White-label app, automatically making them members of the destination’s branded community and leads. In short, communication take place using the destination’s brand.

Qualitative data for digital visitor guidance

In order to create the videos, users will need to record their route. This data is transferred to the Destination Heatmap, which our customers can access via their Outdooractive Business Account. The information generated creates stats that can be used to further improve visitor guidance.

Attention for your region

The videos can be downloaded and shared thousands of times via social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Prospective visitors who see the video are directed to the destination website for more information. In addition, destinations have the opportunity to create 3D Flight Videos with the Outdooractive Business Account and upload them via their own social media channels. This allows DMOs to become active themselves and use this tool to reach new guests.


Direct visitor flows across your region

Hardware solutions enable DMOs to count visitors on site, but can only measure visitor flows selectively (e.g. at parking lots and POIs). This is not suitable for comprehensive visitor management. In addition, it is not possible to react proactively to visitor flows. Measures are only initiated when tourists are already in the region. This makes it impossible to react reasonable to overcrowding in the long term and to solve problems such as nature destruction, overtourism and parking shortages.

Use the Destination Heatmap from Outdooractive as an indicator

The Destination Heatmap is Outdooractive’s tool that allows DMOs to see live, even before tourists arrive, which locations are in high demand. The software-based solution calibrates an exact count at individual points and enables visitor guidance over the entire area. In the long term, this information is stored and recorded in statistics. This information is the most useful basis for destinations to make correct decisions in different areas. For example, it becomes clear where the focus should be placed in marketing, which investments need to be made and which information should be displayed even more visible to visitors.

In addition to this background information in the Destination Heatmap, Outdooractive also provides tools (e.g. POI Challenges) to guide visitors in a targeted manner.

In this way, the Outdooractive platform, which has a wide reach, covers two central points in visitor guidance. On the one hand, statistics on visitor flows can be compiled and important insights can be gained from them. On the other hand, well-developed tools are offered that can be used to react directly and efficiently to these findings.


Managing illegal trails and routes

Many destinations suffer from the consequences of mountain bikers traveling on unauthorized trails and hiking trails. It is important to understand the conflicts that can arise and distinguish between illegal trails (i.e. trails that are built or used illegally, and trails that are allowed to be used by law) and multi-use trails for mountain bikers and hikers as well as horseback riders on trails, ski tourers on ski trails, or pedestrians on cross-country ski trails.

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Guide visitors away from the mainstream with POI Challenges

In the context of today’s overtourism challenges, creating better places for visitors and locals starts with effective visitor guidance. Outdooractive’s new POI Challenges offers destinations an additional resource to influence the distribution of tourism traffic by incentivizing guests to visit little-known places in a fun way. The feature now makes it easy to reduce overcrowding of hotspots, boost less-popular attractions, as well as develop completely new points of interest.  

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