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Successful trail management for an optimal guest experience

The quality of the trail network determines whether a guest experience turns out well or poorly. Adequate signage, clear wayfinding and marking, are just a few of the key points that describe successful trail management.

The outdoor experience must be consistent with marketing communications to achieve good ratings and reviews.

Consistent quality can only be achieved with a hybrid model: Communicated promises and reality on the ground are based on the same database.

The quality of hiking and biking trails with their signage and markings are an essential part of the tourism infrastructure.

Tourist infrastructure projects were the real origin of Outdooractive and the knowledge from 20 years of planning flows into our system. We make the bundling of our know-how available to our partners in the form of our platform, which supports the management of trail networks and visitors. Only with fully integrated trail management in the tourism system can the guest be offered the best experience.

Why should you use digital trail management?

By being able to identify defects faster and more accurately, you save yourself not only time but also money. Repairs take less time and at the same time you increase your efficiency.

Take advantage of real-time data and make the job easier for yourself, trail managers and coordinators. Information can be shared more easily, tasks created directly as soon as hazards are identified.

Guide your guests through your destination in a structured way and provide accurate distances. This not only improves the quality of service for your guests, but also ultimately their experience in your destination.

With Destination Pro+, trail management is already fully possible. In addition to a perfectly maintained infrastructure, benefit from live tracking of customers, your state-of-the-art website and much more.


Outdooractive @ Google I/O

Google I/O is the annual conference hosted by Google in California and is their biggest event of the year for presenting their latest products and software. A global audience of millions is addressed over the two days the event runs.

Google works with a very small number of developers to showcase their latest technologies and Outdooractive has had the huge honor of having been selected as one of them.

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Outdooractive among the 7 best for digital maps and apps for hiking

“The Great Outdoors”, a prominant hiking magazine from the UK, has featured Outdooractive among its selection of the top 7 platforms for digital maps and hiking apps. The magazine is known for its rigorous testing and reliable gear reviews as well as great content and imagery. Their groups of testers is made up of renowned outdoor experts including Alex Robbie, an editor focusing on a variety of topics relating to the wilderness, adventure and the environment, and an outdoor photographer. When trialing Outdooractive’s features he made a comparison with those that had previously been offered by ViewRanger, which would go on to be acquired by Outdooractive.

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Connecting accounts with partner apps provides destinations with even more data than before

By connecting with Garmin, Suunto, and our other partner apps Outdooractive users are now able to transfer their plans and routes to wearables and devices. These account connections also offer the possibility to transfer tracks recorded on a wearable to the user’s Outdooractive profile, which they can then edit and share with the community.

What does this mean for our destination customers?

Your guests can use the navigation function of their wearables to explore destinations in a dynamic yet simple way. At the same time, a new incentive has been created to publicly share experiences of a region. As a result of these account connections, we saw over 150,000 additional tracks uploaded in February alone. This automatically translates to greater data accrual within a destination and, as a result, our customers gaining more information and insights about their guests – a major benefit in terms of visitor management. Not only this, but an increase in content on the platform centered on a destination increases its exposure and, in turn, global visibility.

We have also seen a further 22,000 routes from the Outdooractive database being uploaded to Garmin and Suunto devices, which also benefits destinations in the distribution of their routes and content.

This development marks just the beginning and we aim to considerably expand account connections as a benefit to our customers on both sides of our business.  

Now available: PDF exports of route booklets

In addition to the current option to export route maps, corporate customers with a Destination Pro+ bundle are now able to create and download booklets of their routes using My Business. This PDF can be used as, for example, an e-booklet or a print brochure.

The Content Manager takes you to your published content and with a selected map section and a cover image, you are to quickly create your own booklet. The “Linked content” function, also allows you add links to pre-existing routes allowing your booklet to deliver even greater value from your content.

(German only)

As our platform is multilingual and international in nature, both the content and layouts are exported to the booklet in the selected language of My Business. Not only does this mean that no additional translation effort is necessary, but you are also able to directly provide your guests with the content they need in the right language.

To learn how to create your own booklet, watch the recording of our April 14 webinar:

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Additional languages Hindi, Turkish, European and Brazilian Portuguese now available

Four new languages have been added to the Outdooractive platform’s language portfolio. In addition to our most recent additions of Dutch and Japanese, Hindi, Turkish, European and Brazilian Portuguese now join the range of now 21 languages. International progress can only be supported by addressing potential customers in their native language. That is why our translators are already working on other languages in the meantime, in order to set up our offer in the best possible way.

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Outdooractive is test winner

The Swiss magazine saldo compared and rated five widely used hiking apps. The magazine deals with consumer issues and consumer protection. Topics such as multimedia, travel or health as well as product tests from different areas are presented.
Outdooractive emerged as the test winner over five competitors in the current practical test of a tour guide from the Swiss Alpine Club SAC.

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Outdooractive among Germany’s most innovative companies 2022

Capital and Statista honors Germany’s most innovative companies for the third time. Among the 470 companies selected in 20 different industry categories, Outdooractive has been listed with a 4 out of 5 star rating in the “Internet, Media & Communication” category

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