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Data must be distributable.

In tourism it is common to create complex websites. It is a fact that these websites no longer reach the desired target group because users have been using platforms for a long time. Nowadays the content has to be brought to the user – not the other way round. In this article you will find out which steps have to be taken.

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French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Hebrew: integration of new languages into the Outdooractive Platform

Digitization and internationalization are inextricably linked. The translation of a website is an elementary step towards opening up new markets and target groups. With the integration of five new system languages, Outdooractive is on course for international growth – both in terms of its large partner network and in building a multicultural community.

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Digitize your part of the world.

The basis of all digital processes is data. This is especially true in tourism. No inspiration, no travel planning, no booking and no on-site experience are conceivable without destination data in the future. ALL data. We have to start now! This article will tell you what you have to consider.

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All existing content into one database

The first step of a destination in digitization is to build digital leadership. This is followed by bringing all existing content into a database. In this article you will find out why this is necessary and how it can be done.

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Digital leadership for destinations. What are the first steps?

Digitization and digital leadership must go hand in hand. As a digital leadership culture is the basis of a digital destination. In theory, most people already know this, but what exactly is behind it in practice? How can I successfully implement digital leadership in my destination? In this article we have summarized the first steps for you.

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The new visibility: content that is perceived

The digital world is moving fast. For us at Outdooractive it is therefore particularly important to know what happens “outside” – to keep an eye on the market and analyze it. We follow trends and take them into account in our developments.

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