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Open Data by and for Tourism: Outdooractive’s Open Data Portal

As part of the information event “Outdooractive Inside”, we presented Outdooractive’s new Open Data Portal in the run-up to the Outdooractive Conference. For the company as well as its entire partner network, the portal is a further milestone in the digitization for tourism destinations. It is a joint project and everyone is free to contribute. In order to keep up with the future, we have to network. We must create uniform data structures for everyone in tourism. Today, it is not enough to keep your data on your server. Data is meant to be available to whoever needs it. What exactly this portal is, what possibilities it offers and what you can do to become part of the project, you can find out here.

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Guest entry by Dirk Rogl: Open Data by itself is not enough

Dirk Rogl has accompanied the global tourism economy as an editor, analyst and consultant for more than 20 years now. He is an analyst at Phocuswright, deputy director of the “Kompetenzzentrum Tourismus des Bundes” and advises DMOs, online travel services as well as service providers with Rogl Consult.

As a keynote speaker at the Outdooractive Conference 2018 Dirk Rogl explained to the participants who – in times of open data – is still relevant to the guest. You will find the most important findings here in this blog.

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En route to graphs

The platform of Outdooractive is constantly moving forward. Thus, the Outdooractive platform is working on the next generation of data structures.

But first things first. Buzzwords such as graph database, Knowledge Graph or linked open data are more and more in the center of focus for digital tourism professionals. This shows that it is time to take a serious look data and their structures.

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Results of the OPEN DATA-survey

At the beginning of July, we started a survey on the subject of open data. Now we would like to share the results with you. More than 200 people took the time to participate in our survey.

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OPEN DATA in Tourism

Why is Outdooractive interested in OPEN DATA?

Outdooractive manages a lot of touristic data of destinations in one central database solution. The distribution of data has been a core task of Outdooractive for many years. Several output channels have already been connected to the content-marketing network.

What is OPEN DATA?

To put it simply, the term “open data” describes the intention to make data publicly available to everyone. In the future, the distribution of standardized data will become even more important. Only if data can be reused and processed by anyone for any purpose – without restrictions or fees – it is considered to be open data. Therefore, right now is the right time to discuss OPEN DATA in order to find a common solution.

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