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A behind-the-scenes look: The new product ‘Destination Insights’

The first version of our new product ‘Destination Insights’ has arrived. We have been collecting an immense amount of data on the Outdooractive Platform for a number of years. On the one hand this has been tourism related such as regional descriptions and routes and on the other it has been personal data. We want to make the best use of this information in the future and make it available also to you. Join our pilot scheme now and look at your destination in an entirely different light.

Where does the data come from?

For every user who moves on one of the more than 3,000 output channels available on the Platform, we create a user profile. These store all the data that the user has voluntarily transmitted to us in complete compliance with data protection laws.  Added to this is the information we collect from the user’s ‘digital trail’. For example, we analyze what content someone is viewing, which offers and accommodation he books and what his local movements are. A third building block is the data that reaches us via interfaces with external systems and through data imports. Thanks to our huge platform network, the database is already considerable in many regions. The best way to collect data is where our partners use one of the Platform’s destination product.


What opportunities does this data offer us?

We can gain many insights from this immense cache of information. With even the simplest analysis we are able to answer questions like:

  • What content is being particularly well received by our users and what can be better communicated in the future?
  • What are the user‘s movements at the destination and how does this relate to his previous research?
  • What visitor numbers are destinations looking at and how can they be effectively managed?

All the data we collate is made anonymous during its transition to the database. In order to give users a face, we create so-called ‘Personas’- illustrative profiles. Through the use of artificial intelligence we are able to establish the Personas’ patterns of behavior.

This makes it easy for us to give our users personalized suggestions. It is only by means of a profile that we can recommend someone visit a destination that is suitable to their specific interests regardless of whether they have ever been there of even heard of it.


Secure your own share of our data with ‘Destination Insights’

By creating this product, we want to give you the opportunity to benefit from our huge bank of data. Gain insights for the first time beyond those of your own users and obtain an overview of all those playing a role in your region using one centralized system. The first version is available now to those in the pilot scheme. You will discover not only what the sources of information are for your region, but also what your potential guests are interested in and what channels they are using to gather their insights. All of the data can be used to report activities at your destination, conduct market research, develop new target audiences and provide a more relevant service to your guests. The product will be further developed step by step in partnership with you. Interested in working with us to help advance ‘Destination Insights’? Simply contact your sales representative or write to if so.