All articles equipped with new app and subscription model

Just in time for the onset of winter in the Alps, the tour portal of the Alpine Clubs is also well equipped. Since December there has been a new, intuitive app and the license model with Free, Pro and Pro+ on The extension provides mountain sports enthusiasts with numerous new functions as well as a new technical standard. This makes the planning of mountain advantures even easier and more reliable.

The joint tour portal of the Alpine Clubs of Germany, Austria and South Tyrol appeals above all to mountaineers. In addition to over 8,600 high-quality tour descriptions for winter and summer, users also appreciate the mountain weather forecast, the listed huts and the Alpine clubs’ own maps.

Free, Pro and Pro+

The new subscription model has three function levels. Even with the basic “Free” version, users can plan, save and print an unlimited amount of tours. This version is free of charge and only requires a registration on

With pro (€ 29.99 / year) there are many additional functions, for example routes can be stored off-line and be used on the way without internet. In addition to the OSM maps of the basic version, Pro offers a wide range of other map material. Users can use the Outdooractive Map with the official map data for Germany, Austria and Northern Italy as well as all activity route networks and the Topo maps for their planning.

With the “My Map” function, users can compile their own personal map and always have their favorite content displayed at one glance. In the profile, users can create their own lists and thus organize their leisure planning. Besides, in the Pro version there is no more advertising, neither in the app nor on the desktop.

In addition, users can create a 3D video for their own published tours.

With Pro+, mountaineers also receive Swisstopo maps with official data for Switzerland and IGN maps with official data for France. In addition, users can integrate their content without links on their own website.

The new app

The new app from has also been available in the stores since December. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a high degree of user-friendliness. Both the search and the route planning are easier and faster. The built-in vector maps require considerably less data volume, have shorter loading times, are more detailed and very accurate even at high zoom levels.

Once you have bought a subscription, this applies to both the portal and the app.

What are the advantages for Alpine Club members?

With Pro, Alpenverein members receive the Alpenverein maps, which are otherwise only available with Pro+, both in the app and on the desktop. Thanks to the precise rock drawings, the Alpenverein maps are ideal for mountain activities.

For Pro+ members get € 10 discount on their subscription, so they only pay € 49.99 per year instead of € 59.99.

Until February there is a special discount of 10 euros for all AV members, both on Pro and Pro+, which can be redeemed directly on the portal by entering the membership number.

Why are the Alpine Clubs changing?

So far, the Alpine Clubs of Germany, Austria and South Tyrol have jointly carried the tour portal License costs for map material, software fees and server requirements as well as technical support mean a high financial outlay. The contribution of the users serves to keep the portal up to date and to advance the development. The re-investment in further development is intended to produce new functions and additional modules for the users.