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CMS becomes DMS

By now, the Outdooractive CMS is so much more than just an “ordinary” Content-Management-System. It is a system based on a joint platform where touristic players collect, maintain, edit and spread their information. Thus, it is time to officially change the name: The CMS becomes a DMS, a Destination-Management-System.

The first version of the Outdooractive CMS went already online back in 2006. Ever since then, the management system is the basis of all projects and services. It serves as a hub for the entire platform. Due to the system’s constant development, its functionality has advanced significantly over the years. Here are 5 reasons why the Outdooractive DMS is more than just an ordinary Content-Management-System:

#1 A central database

The requirements of a modern and data-driven world to touristic providers are continuously growing. Thus, touristic website lose their relevance. Soon enough, Web-CMS-Systems that only fill up one outlet, namely the own website, will be a thing of the past (read more). A central and web-based database is needed to gather and manage all touristic content that enables a collaborative operation with different hierarchical levels and rights – as provided by the Outdooractive DMS.

#2 The marketing value of a DMS license

The DMS is your most important marketing network: Due to strategic content distribution all of your content reaches maximum range on all channels of the Outdooractive platform. Thus, your monthly license as well as the input of your content to the database alone, guarantee an increase of visibility and range (your marketing value). The monetary value of marketing equivalence of the DMS in form of generated numbers of the platform report are depicted below:

The marketing equivalence of the Outdooractive DMS (click to enlarge)

#3 The DMS as a cockpit of modern management

The Outdooractive DMS is comparable to a cockpit: The entire management of a destination can be managed centrally in one system. This includes – next to the creation and organization of all touristic data – the administration of the touristic infrastructure that significantly influences the experience and contentment of guests. Facility track managers are capable of maintaining the entire road network (based in the Outdooractive cartography) and the infrastructure responsible for control positions. The DMS is the key for a successful guest communication as it administers user-feedback, comments and ratings. Next to the Content Reach Report and Google Analytics by Outdooractive, the system enables an aimed success control. All reports about the success of content or campaign can be looked at and optimized. The DMS provides everyone involved in the tourism sector – from marketing employee to track managers – with a holistic destination management and a collaborative working in one system.

#4 The Outdooractive DMS replaces the CRM for destinations

The DMS combines both data realms: The world’s digital data (like the travel guide of touristic partners) as well as the user profile data of more than 700.000 registered community users (e.g. their interests or preferred activities). By bringing both data worlds together, content can be personalized and published compliant to the data security. The entire guest communication (e.g. accessibility of guest maps, social media channels etc.) can take place via one system without any inconvenient interfaces.

#5 Sustainable technologies

The Outdooractive DMS is the key to a future-oriented data management and the basis for a holistic, digital destination management. Content that is added to the DMS is automatically correspondent to the international standard which create relevance for search engines and automated systems (e.g. chatbots, Siri, Alexa, Google Home and Co.) of the future. The DMS is financed by the solidarity principle. The contract partner receives the maximum of the Outdooractive technology with a DMS license.

The further development of the Outdooractive DMS is in constant process – a task that the Outdooractive team passionately works for every single day. Our main priority is to provide our partners with a high-quality technology which enables them to handle their tasks sufficiently. On the central data base (the Outdooractive DMS) the collected content can simply be processed for the entire management in order to give our partners the possibility to fully concentrate on their original tasks again: the well-being of their guests and organizing hosts.