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#ExploreMyRegion – Our support for the local tourism industry

Slowly restrictions are being eased, but the lack of freedom to move and travel is nonetheless affecting the tourism industry worldwide. Guests are either still bound to lockdowns or limited to their close surroundings, looking for ways to go beyond their four walls and explore what’s close to home. 

As a reliable partner presenting Europe’s largest outdoor platform, we feel committed to help you, your guests and the tourism industry on a fast track back to normality. 

How? With our campaign #ExploreMyRegion, we show support to all the actors of tourism and especially push local tourism back to normality.

Your guests were able to enjoy your destination for the past years and experience the welcoming embrace of your local actors. It might have been unconsciously, but each one of them played a main role in the creation of the guests unforgettable travel experiences. We want to bring attention to these silent actors by addressing the guests and opening their eyes to the current situation, highlighting the message: you don’t have to travel far to experience adventure. 

Now it is their time to give back and support those who make their adventures so memorable. Let them know you are in as well and read further on how you can join the already more than 100 participating organizations! At this point we want to thank all of you, who are already participating and supporting us with their logo and their great feedback.

The wide Social Media coverage shows the spread of the hashtag #ExploreMyRegion:

#ExploreMyRegion on Facebook

#ExploreMyRegion on Instagram

On the created landing page we highlight the participating destinations and give further information on our manifesto and possibilities to engage. 

By the guests and destinations downloading and using digital stickers and banners on their Social Media profiles, the attention is brought to the campaign. Using the hashtag opens up the opportunity to further highlight the best parts of your region and us sharing your postings via Social Media, blog articles and more.

Join the movement today! Here the three steps how you can engage:

  1. Send us your logo as a supporting organization of this movement to be added to the landing page to
  2. Download the digital stickers and banners and update your social media accounts.
  3. Spread the word and use the hashtag #ExploreMyRegion on your own social media channels and in your communication with your guests. Here a great example of one of our participating customers Wanderfit, who integrated the campaign on their website:

We cannot do this alone, together we are stronger. Let’s spread the message further around the world and push tourism back to normality.