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Growth in the US: Visit Salt Lake is partner of Outdooractive

As a new partner of Outdooractive, Visit Salt Lake provides both urban adventures and sporting highlights for all guests.

Salt Lake City is located in the west of the USA. It is the capital of the state of Utah, the only American state where four states meet: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. The city is not only known for the nearby mountains and the many national parks, but also for hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics. Founded by Mormon pioneers, the city offers numerous historical sites with cultural and religious aspects.

The natural wonders of Utah range from majestic desert formations to lush mountain forests. Surrounded by five national parks, all accessible within a few hours by car, Salt Lake is a perfect base for a variety of activities.

To present the city and all its attractions in the best possible way, the cooperation with Outdooractive is an important step in the right direction. presents the activities, important sights and offers such as tours. All winter and summer activities are presented in detail. However, the biggest advantage for Salt Lake is that all tours, offers and activities are combined in one central database. This makes it easier for tourists and locals to get information and inspiration for their holidays and leisure planning. At the same time, the destination gains more reach and visibility. Especially for a place like Salt Lake County, which is known for the city that bears its name, it has numerous assets such as its world-class ski resorts, which are an advantage as they offer guests a multitute diverse experience. This allows tourists to see all the possibilities and plan their holiday perfectly in one place. This saves the time to search for different activities on different websites.

With the Outdooractive DMS, those responsible for tourism in the destination can create and maintain the main attractions themselves.

Thanks to the Outdooractive API, all content is not only published on, but also on the Visit Salt Lake websites. The design can be maximally individualized according to the customer’s needs. The tours and offers are integrated into the website. The design can be maximally individualized for the customer. The tours and offers are integrated into the website with the best maps so that all details of the offer are visible.

Visit Salt Lake is already the second partner of Outdooractive in the USA. The growth towards internationalization is progressing. As a partner of Outdooractive, The Cascade Loop of Washington state also benefits from both the advantages for guests and destination.