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Guide visitors away from the mainstream with POI Challenges

In the context of today’s overtourism challenges, creating better places for visitors and locals starts with effective visitor guidance. Outdooractive’s new POI Challenges offers destinations an additional resource to influence the distribution of tourism traffic by incentivizing guests to visit little-known places in a fun way. The feature now makes it easy to reduce overcrowding of hotspots, boost less-popular attractions, as well as develop completely new points of interest.  

The new addition expands on the already existing Challenge feature, which motivates users to achieve their personal goals based on the activity-specific criteria i.e. distance, elevation, time, number of activities completed, etc. POI Challenges allow destinations and business partners to define a specific list of points of interest or attractions, which visitors can complete by physically visiting and checking in via track recording. Participation in Challenges requires user registration using Outdooractive, within partners of the Pro Alliance, or participating white label B2B apps.

With POI Challenges, destinations and business partners have the freedom and flexibility to create their own branded challenges based on any thematic focus e.g. cultural, historical, geographical, etc. They can also suggest sightseeing routes, highlight seasonal-specific attractions, or celebrate multi-location events, encouraging the guest to get the most out of their stay while earning achievement badges, optional prizes, or added benefits for completing the challenge.

As a result, POI Challenges can influence the spatial distribution of visitors, but also make tourist activities more sustainable as well as increase their positive impact on destinations, businesses, and local residents.

Interested to create your own branded POI Challenge? Contact us to learn more about the new feature and get started today.