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neusta destination solutions and Outdooractive establish a partnership

With their partnership, the two German tourism technology top-dogs combine their strengths and competencies to benefit destinations and expand the diversity of potential and existing customers multiple times over.

The out-and-out agency, neusta destination solutions (DS), and the world’s largest outdoor platform, Outdooractive, agree that by bundling their joint services, destinations get the best of both worlds and no longer have to decide for one or the other.

Hartmut Wimmer

„In the past, some customers and destinations have had the feeling that they could only choose one of us as their technology provider, even though our solutions are only slightly comparable!“ says Hartmut Wimmer, CEO of Outdooractive.

The combination of the databases and all of the output channels of the two market leaders will significantly strengthen the competitiveness of customer-destinations.

Neusta DS and its associate company hubermedia offer the most complete output channel for structured data in open data format with direct integration of the GNTB’s Open Data project via the platform for destinations. The individually designed state-of-the-art websites based on Typo3 are based off of this database. The platform is currently fed by 4 state databases and over 650 customers. Not only are the database and individual websites provided by neusta DS, in association with hubermedia, but also the worldwide leading hardware technology for info terminals, hotel TV and WLAN touchpoints. Currently, the further advanced product of the neusta DS family,, also offers Wi-Fi tracking and visitor flow management within the destination in real time.

Adi Hadzimuratovic

„In the future, Outdooractive customers will also be able to benefit from the worldwide leading hardware technology from neusta DS and as a partner we will be able to offer Outdooractive customers individually designed websites”, explains Adi Hadzimuratovic, CEO of neusta DS.

The world’s largest outdoor platform, Outdooractive, offers destinations pioneering technologies for strategic destination management. The database solution is specialized in the digitalization of outdoor tourism. However, the greatest advantage for each of Outdooractive’s more than 3,500+ customers is the reach of the platform itself.

On average, the rapidly growing platform, with more than 9 million registered users, can provide a destination with 5 times more visibility than they can achieve with their own content. Potential guests can thus be reached in a targeted manner.