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New FlexView Update: Even more powerful and user-friendly

The Outdooractive FlexView is the easiest way to integrate content from the Outdooractive database with your own website. The selected content, for example; routes, accommodations, excursions, skiing regions, events, etc. are displayed in a map view and also as a list or gallery view.

Our primary goal with the new FlexView update is to combine powerful technology with a user-friendly design. In order to achieve a better overview of the map and to increase the loading speed, we have integrated new functions and filter options in the Outdooractive FlexView layer. They now guide users more intuitively through the process of finding a matching result. Here are the updates for the upcoming release:

General Layout Updates

Optimized, User-friendly Design

For increased clarity, the map-, list- and gallery-menu options can now be found to the right of the search bar. The map layer panel and 3-dot menu are now also marked more visibly on the map.

Location search integrated into the map

The location search has been integrated in the form of an icon on the map so that users can find their location more quickly.

Intuitive filter options with multiple selections

As of now, users have the option of selecting several activity categories simultaneously from the filter options.

Setting options for our customers in Outdooractive Business

The general cluster view will remain for your guests.

In order to display the search results more clearly on the map and to ensure a faster loading time, as an Outdooractive customer you now have the option in Outdooractive Business to select the “reduced view” option. To do this, go to the “Projects” area in Business, choose a project, klick on the “Web App” tab, then the “Description” tab and here you can activate the Checkbox “Activate reduced view”.

The consequences of this for the display and settings options are described in more detail below.

Reduced number of results

The list of results show the 48 tours with the highest rank. The first 24 top results are shown as icons and the other 24 are visualized as dots on the map. If you scroll down the list, further results are then loaded.

Checkbox: „Search as I move the map” 

The results on the map are automatically loaded when the user changes their position on the map. If the “Search as I move the map” function is deactivated, the results will not be automatically updated. This encourages a shorter loading time. If the user would like to see updated results, they have the option of selecting “Search here again” to see updated results for this section of the map.

Checkbox: „Show all results“

If the checkbox “Show all results” is selected, all of the results will continue to be shown in the form of clusters. When the checkbox is deactivated, the user sees the reduced view in the form of icons and dots.

Would you like more information about the individual functions or to find out more about the product in particular? Please read our previously published blog post on the establishment of FlexView and get in touch with our sales team. Contact us at