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Outdooractive Explorers Choice news

Outdooractive’s online travel guides are a source of inspiration and information about travel and outdoor activities. To provide a complete, digital image of the world, we need to work in close cooperation with proficient partners, who are now being recognised with the ‘Explorers Choice’ award.

High quality content as a foundation

The ‘Explorers Choice’, which acts as a badge of distinction for Outdooractive’s more exceptional partners, has two goals: On the one hand, the award is intended to honor partners who are especially engaged in digitizing their touristic offering. Secondly, it acts as a quality indicator to the user, for whom there is the need to be able to quickly access relevant content. The Explorers Choice award makes partners with the highest quality content more immediately visible.

Criteria for the Explorers Choice award

In order to receive the ‘Explorers Choice’ badge, there are number of critical factors to be considered and in order to be recognized as a professional partner the overall package needs to be correct. This includes the amount and the quality of the content that gets published, the reviews and comments it receives from the community and how well updated you keep your site.

Advantages of having the Explorers Choice

Having the ‘Explorers Choice’ brings several advantages. The prominent badge that is displayed on the business’ homepage provides the user with the perception that the partner is recognized for producing content of the best quality. The badge is also displayed on any third party sites where the partner is the original author, such as on detail pages.

The 2019 Outdooractive Conference will see three partners from the Explorers Choice program being rewarded for their creation of notably high quality content. The prize also comes with an extensive marketing budget provided by Outdooractive, which aims to give the partner company’s content even greater reach. Tickets to attend the 2019 Outdooractive Conference will also be given.

More information about the award can be found here.