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Outdooractive Launches Community Feed

Outdooractive connects outdoor enthusiasts, destination experts, and official destination partners to find the best outdoor trips and adventures.

Outdooractive, Europe‘s leading digital platform for outdoor tourism, has recently implemented a new feature which allows a new way of interacting with other members of the Outdooractive community.

Uniquely, this update to its Outdooractive consumer app creates the opportunity for outdoor tourists to interact with, see the latest conditions report from, or ask questions of, their favorite destinations or places they are planning to visit. Thousands of official destination partners rely on Outdooractive’s business solutions to help manage their tourism activity and are already part of the Outdooractive community.

“No more missing out“, is the headline for all Outdooractive users. Has a new track been recorded and/ or a new route been published? Has a new point of interest been added? Has an event been announced? No matter if the official tourism organization of the favorite region or the best outdoor buddy has published anything new, the information immediately shows up in the feed of every member that has decided to “follow“ the person or organization in question.

With its exclusive network of official destination partners regularly adding new hiking, cycling and mountaineering routes; details of events and offers in their region – the Outdooractive community feed is *the* place to be inspired and research your next active trip. With the majority being tourism organizations, partners include a wide range of official stakeholders such as protected areas, associations, trail managers, Search & Rescue-teams, accommodations and many more.

Craig Wareham, B2C-Director at Outdooractive is enthusiastic about the new options: „Besides being responsible for how happy Outdooractive’s users are with our app, first and foremost I am an end-user, too, and it is particularly as such that I am very much thrilled about the new community features and the possibilities they offer.”

Wareham continues to explain: “On the one hand I get informed immediately about the tracks that my old friend from school, Mike, has just recorded during his vacation in Southern France. On the other hand, my feed also shows all the new routes, events and points of interest in Wales that have just been published by the responsible tourism organization. Since that is where I often spend my short holidays and long weekends hiking and biking, I am glad to get all the information right away and always be up-to-date.“

Every user can thus build his own community piece by piece based on their preferences and interests. Outdooractive will suggest other members or organizations to users whose contents are a match for the user in question.

Every user has full control over their own privacy settings and GDPR-compliance guarantees they can adjust them at any time. Each user can completely disable the follow function to prevent any other community members from following them. Alternatively the user has the option to mark certain geographic areas as “private“, thus suppressing them from being viewed by anyone else. The relevant settings and privacy zones can easily be adjusted in the Outdooractive app and on the website.

The new functionality is available within the basic version of the Outdooractive profile to ensure that every user can benefit from the community features right from the beginning.