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Powerful, flexible and simple: the web technology Outdooractive FlexView

Display suitable, high-quality content for guests on the website and achieve increased reach at the same time. Sounds good? It is: With the Outdooractive FlexView any content of the platform (tours, POI, events, accommodations, offers and more) can be integrated into existing websites. The contents of the FlexView are indexed for search engines and can also be found via the global search of the website.

Especially the first steps of digitization are often difficult. The Outdooractive FlexView helps with targeted content distribution and interaction with the desired target group. Tailored to the different needs of partners and guests, the product enables the integration of almost any content.

The Outdooractive Platform supports both tourist partners and a large outdoor community. Over many years, the Outdooractive team has acquired a complex know-how that characterizes our solutions. The ultimate goal is to combine powerful technology with user-oriented design. These components can also be found in the Outdooractive FlexView:


Intuitive filter options and modern design

The functions and filters of the integrated Outdooractive FlexView mask guide the user intuitively through the process of searching for a suitable result. The most relevant categories (e.g. tours, offer categories) are suggested and parameters such as difficulty and duration of the activity simplify the selection of the appropriate result. The search field suggests POI and regions and additionally allows a free search for suitable content. The Outdooractive FlexView is responsive for all common devices and enables a consistent multi-device user experience.


Simple, fast and inexpensive

Our goal is for our partners to be able to integrate content on their own websites as easily as possible with the Outdooractive FlexView. The product comes “out of the box” and the integration takes only a few minutes. Depending on your programming skills, you will need little or no support from the external agency.

The right solution for every need:


Would you like further information on the individual functions or would you like to learn more about the product? Of course, we also have interesting migration options for existing FlexView partners. Contact us!