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QR Codes: a better alternative

Example of a service board for Bad Peterstal-Griesbach

Due to changing information 50% or more of print brochures often have to be thrown away at the end of the year. Are you maintaining and renewing information boards on a regular basis? A cheaper and sustainable alternative without maintenance costs are space and resource saving QR codes.

Combined with POIs or public routes that have been set up on a white-label website or on the Outdooractive platform, they are the perfect source of information for guests. In addition, they can be used to create digital profiles of visitors, which DMOs can use to direct them specifically.
The codes are placed at way points, POIs or tourist information once and without much effort. Visitors and guests scan the codes with their smartphones and receive all the information about the region – well-prepared and always up-to-date. In order to access this and many other functions registration is necessary and so a digital profile of the guest is created.
The workload for destinations is significantly reduced, as only the information behind the QR code needs to be maintained and updated. Once the content has been created, only pressing a button via the Outdooractive Business Account is required. Another advantage of creating the profile and scanning the codes is that it becomes visible which POI’s or places a guest has visited. DMOs can actively request feedback on individual points or suggest specific places to users that they have not yet visited.