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Seamless Integration and Industry Leading Maps: Outdooractive welcomes Région Dents du Midi

Image: ©, Logo: ©Région Dents du Midi

Interview with Jean-Baptiste Godard about Région Dents du Midi partnership with Outdooractive.

„We’ve been interested in joining Outdooractive for several years because of the quality of services and the very important community.” – Jean-Baptiste Godard, Digital & IT Project Manager at Région Dents du Midi.

We spoke with Mr Godard of Région Dents du Midi about why they decided to partner with Outdooractive, how the region plans on using the platform to provide a more enjoyable experience for their guests and what benefits stuck out to them when joining the world’s leading outdoor platform.

Outdooractive provides practical solutions in connecting tourism databases with our DMS: Outdooractive Business.

Mr Godard agrees, explaining that the possibility of connecting the database of their tourist information system (Apidae) with Outdooractive Business, without having to enter the data for the second time, was a key deciding factor in establishing this partnership.

The process of integrating a new Destination Management System (DMS) often presents a massive stumbling block for destinations and their representatives for many reasons, such as the potential loss of data, extensive time investments and the overall lack of knowledge of the new system.

Our DMS, Outdooractive Business, provides a simple onboarding process, an intuitive interface, and extensive import options to make this process as painstakingly simple as possible.

Swiss Topo maps and the Swiss trail network place Outdooractive above the competition.

This is a factor that Mr Godard makes clear when speaking of their own destination,

„Using the Swiss Topo maps and the Swiss trail network for itinerary creation is one of Outdooractives strong points that rank them above the competitors.”

Thanks to numerous partnerships with external mapping bodies and constant development of our mapping technology, customers can not only benefit from the extensive trail network and Outdooractive Map, developed by our internal cartography department, but they also have access to a profound number of topographic maps making Outdooractive the ideal partner for outdoor and adventure destinations.

Continued development of innovative and intuitive tools amplifying guest experiences.

Outdooractive strives to provide guests with groundbreaking tools that increase the experience when out exploring the great outdoors. Tools such as an intuitive route planner and 3D maps allow your visitors to visualize their adventures before heading out.

These, along with tools that put guests directly in touch with destination representatives are some of the most appreciated features mentioned by Mr Godard of Région Dents du Midi.

Additionally, Outdooractive PRO users have access to Skyline Augmented Reality, a feature that not only helps identify local peaks, lakes and places, but also keeps guests on the right track, so they make it back from their adventures safely.

Interactive touch terminals in Tourist Offices allow for intuitive route clarification, inspiration and guidance.

Mr Godard explains, „I’m interested in the possibility of offering a version of the mobile app for interactive touch terminals in our Tourist Offices. This interface can show all our itineraries in a different way, with rich content and 3D maps. Visitors will then be able to continue their digital experience on their smartphone if they are interested in following a route.”

 With our DMS, Outdooractive Business, all data is aggregated in one place, allowing for information to be seamlessly integrated across all forms of digital interfaces, including touch terminals in tourist offices.

About Région Dents du Midi, home to the steepest slope in Europe.

Région Dents du Midi sees nearly 265,000 tourist overnight stays and about 550,000 skiers taking part in day trips each year. The main attraction is the international Portes du Soleil area which links 12 ski resorts in France and Switzerland.

 With a single ski pass, you can ski the steepest slope in Europe, the Swiss Wall, in Champéry, or take part in a Ski Safari for a stay in several resorts with a ski-only itinerary and luggage transfer.

 With 7 peaks culminating at 3’257m, the region is home to a mythical mountain range visible as far as the shores of Lake Geneva. The exceptional topograpy of the area allows for numerous outdoor possibilities for all types of activities.

 On foot there is over 800kms of trails in the Portes du Soleil area. The Bikepark of Champéry – Morgins which will host the downhill mountain bike world cup in 2025 in Valais. The region offers numerous marked snowshoe hiking routes and are pioneering the practice of leisurely ski touring with a secure area solely for beginners in the Morgins Rando-Parc by Movement.

Region Dents du Midi has a rich cultural heritage with quaint villages and preserved mountain pastures. Visitors can enjoy the tastes of the region through the ripened cheeses of local farmers and other local products that can be found at La Cavagne in Troistorrents and Champéry.