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Snap it – Smart route planning with imported GPX-Tracks

Until now, creating a route based on a previously recorded GPX track has often been very labor-intensive and time-consuming. The main reasons for this were the deviating geometry data of an imported GPX track from the route and the missing information about the route types (e.g. nature trail, asphalt, path, etc.), which had to be amended and processed when creating the route.

With the Outdooractive “Snap it” function, all these problems are now quickly and easily solved with a single click of the identically named button in the Outdooractive Business route planner.

The “Snap it” function thus enables our partners to plan routes with an imported GPX track more effectively, intuitively, and intelligently.

To put it simply, the function automatically adjusts the geometry of the GPX track to our map. It creates a route from the original GPX track, which lies exactly on the route network of the Outdooractive map and contains all of the information about the route types found on the map. The geometry data of the GPX track is then modified to match the route network accordingly. The basis of this function is an extension of our routing service, which calculates the optimal route between a starting point and an end point during route planning.

Therefore, a route based on an imported GPX track and modified with the “Snap it” function contains the same route information and details as a route created directly in the Outdooractive Business route planner (without the GXP file base).